Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tunggu kakak tukang urut...

Its been 2 weeks since my ankle injury and I think its about time to fix my ankle by getting a proper massage. Ye la...urat dah silap. I can feel the swelling is gone, its just that urat tu rasa macam masuk angin and sengal-sengal. Takut kalau tunggu lama lama nanti lagi teruk la pulak sebab problem with blood circulation pulak.


Anyways, over the past couple of months i dok mengurut with ada sorang akak kat ofis ni...okla. The price is cheap, plus she knows her gig quite well. Usually after a session tu badan ala sangat la ringan and I wont feel any aches for about 2 months or so, which is super cool la kan sebab badan aku ni macam badan senior citizen sakit je la memanjang.

So here i am waiting for her.....

Cepat la datang. Dah sejam tunggu ni.....
. Tunggu tukang urut?

....muka pun dah toya.


Dah la petang ni ada kelas and paper pun sangkut lagi.


Takpe la. Patience is a virtue.

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