Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello hello apa khabar di sana?

I have been working on a financial project over the past 3 weeks and gosh it is super tiring. After almost 3 weeks of staring on excel spreadsheets day in and day out, I somehow felt washed out and zombified. My boss dah a few times tanya "kenapa muka you all macam kena langgar bas ni?" and macam automatik dalam hati I answered "lagi mau tanya". I wear so much powder and blusher this past 3 weeks I think I have to hit the stores again to refill my makeup, and God knows I am not the pakai-makeup-24-jam kind of person. Sigh. I think what startled me most this morning is the fact that I immediately switch on work mode the moment I wake up and thought about shooting emails to people even before leaving my bed - and guess what? I am not even suppose to work today because I got time off to catch up with my study for exams due this Saturday.


Yes. Borderline. It was okay when all I have is work - now I felt sandwiched between work and my study commitments and I am bleeding tears.

So I called Tina and asked her out for lunch. I have to admit that having her around keeps me sane. And if I look back over the years there are very few people who put up with my insanity - and Tina has gone through all my crazy.

Hahahaaah. Babe. If you're reading this...lunch. Please. *grin*

Despite all odds, rest assure that I still try maintain muda....

Hahhahahah. Tetiba. Hidup kena ceria. It seems like my stress only shows around the eye area - macam area lain masih boleh diselamatkan.

Okay, enough blabbering,

Gotta finish a paper and at least 10 pages of write up by 8pm - before I started digging for another 100 page writeup that I am to finish by Friday. Kalau dapat abis hari ni much better - not that I am not used to writing loads of craps in record breaking time, tapi one of my workmates yesterday pointed out that writing so much is simply impossible. Dengan muka amazed tahap gaban nye he went "What? 10 pages per hour?? possible ka?"

Mission impossible you say?

Actually its not that tough f you have in mind what you want to write. The hurdle is getting through the first 20 pages - the rest will just flow in naturally.

Crossing my fingers. Turning of my corporate hat and wearing my student cap now. I have about 9 hours. If I focus then it should be okay.

*just don't panic*


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