Saturday, April 13, 2013

T-5 to nothing but one of the most amazing beach in the world...

One exam paper down., two submissions in progress for despatch in Monday morning and countdown to yet another piece of paradise that has nothing but sand, sea and sun...

*pics courtesy of Google - my archive of pics from Perhentian is stashed in an unreachable cloud server at the moment but then what the heck - Perhentian looks like Perhentian is at any pics la kan...*

After 3 months of gruelling work schedule, I am so looking forward to the next 5 days isolated without phone reception and wifi  - I have never felt so relieved over the idea of total disconnectivity to the world ; it'll be bliss to be out of the office and not-think-about-work-at-all for once. 


But before that actually happens, I have a pile of paperwork to attend to. Gambate gambate!!!



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