Thursday, May 2, 2013

Island piccas!

It has been a crazy week - but I have to say it had been a good one. Was at Singapore for work and gosh, how the place had changed since I have been last but what I got excited about was the view from the new office space...

Breathtaking isn't it? Too bad I didn't get to snap the other side of the building overlooking the docks. That is a good one too.

From the island filled with skyscrapers, I changed two flights within the next 12 hours since I left the island of the lions to head up north west to another local sanctuary. 30 minutes drive and a boat ride later I arrived at Perhentian Islands....

Crystal clear waters.

My favourite.

Was there with friends for about 4 days. Taylor Swift's RED album on loop the whole time.

True - pure state of grace.

I came back with a super dark tan.

Thank heavens its not a burn.

Definitely recharged my batteries and ready for another challenging quarter. And a new semester....after all the drama last semester that has almost driven me to a nervous wreck.


Can't wait till September. *grin!!!!!*


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