Friday, May 3, 2013

Panic? Hell yeah!

At times like this I thank God for the existence of  Starbucks.....

......because no matter how bad a day it is I can always use a good cup of coffee.

The day had been a busy one, despite the fact that its Friday and almost the entire office is on a holiday mood. I was feeling buzzy myself, until I sat on a 2 hour meeting dissecting my most recent project that's due for finalisation (like what? yesterday?).

I think I was no longer (pukey) green or blue - but rather white as hell when I found out that...

....there's still about 40 more slides to go before this episode will ever end;

....there's still changes need to be done to the original (ever-changing) excel version because we (again) found another loophole;

*as if there were no loopholes before, sigh*

....there is a need to re-work certain stuff because apparently I am sitting on a goldmine of information but its haphazardly everywhere....grrrrr!!!!!!!

But that's not the worst part.

Wait for it....wait for it.....

Guess what? This thing will never end because now it has to be periodically updated.

I wanted to laugh, but I suppose I turned pale and white instead - and I only realised that I am displaying horror across the table when my boss says "its okay, there's no need to panic just yet...." and so he goes with mitigating statements to cushion the blow.

Meeting was ended with one statement...

"Its okay Zuraida. Take your time to do it. You can send it in piecemeal so we can look at it while we are all at home over the weekend. It'll be a great reading material".

Yeah. I suppose will do. Gotta go back to it then once I finish this cuppa.


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