Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Hooray As We Hit Pass the Half Year Mark....

.....I wish to be thankful for;

1. Having blessed with a very understanding family - who endured all my whims and whatnot over the years. I have to admit I am not the easiest person to get along with at times but my family had always always been there.

2. Great set of friend - whom I wish to be able to see more these days than being stucked in the office/class - I miss the gold old days when we all just hang out and have fun/bitch/laugh (of our bosses, life, a mad driver on the road or whatever, heheheh!!!)

3. Great people at work. I have to admit that work is more fun and challenging, and I enjoyed meeting new people who keep me buzzy and running all day tirelessly (okay, I am not saying this just to kipas but fact is I might chatter up and down endlessly about work lately but hey, I hate to admit it, I am loving work - so beat it!).

4. Results that empower - at work, in study. I wish I had the capacity to do/give more ; but I am but human. I err but blessed with rooms to improve, so I am grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow and continuously watch the fruits of my labor ; hopefully such labor benefits not only me but many others out there.

5. Good food. Comfort food. Oh what a blessing - though its a pain on the mirror and the weighing scale.

Alhamdulillah. Life has been kind. Its not without its pain but silver linings are evident.

I am definitely looking forward to ;

1. Completing my studies - though I am already at snail pace and I am super worried all the time about how it'll end up , because seriously, there are moments when I actually questioned myself and how the hell I will ever complete my doctoral paper but perhaps if I keep calm and slowly work things out all might not be in vain....so patience....

2. Ramadhan - hip hip hooray to trimming down some kilos! Desperado dah ni.

3.Finding a way to resolve my potentially never ending work misery (oh work and me have this love-hate thing so I am kinda 50-50 on what I do like all the time) ; hopefully sooner rather than later. But for now I'll settle with a pat on the shoulder - kudos darling you did fine you go girl belives - and start to figure out the solutions....calmly.

4. Starting yoga again. It might just help with the stress, but the thing with exercise is you always have this heavy lazy attitude every time you want to kickstart the exercise again and my heavy lazy attitude seems to weight a mountain.

Gila la loser. Sigh. I wish I have my very own personal Kevin Zahri to kick my ass everyday and whip me out to shape.

Well a girl can dream la kan?

5.This year's long vacay. Crosisng my fingers and dreaming of being on hot air balloons while taking on a breathtaking sight.

Hold on to the thought. Its so positive it might just pull you through the rest of the half year in a breeze.

Keep calm, smile and happy thoughts.


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