Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haze haze go away.....

Got a tad unlucky today. The haze got worse. Instead of the sunny bright day I've experienced the past two days, I can see the thick haze outside and smell the burnt smell in the air.

Super bad...apakah? Pembakaran terbuka masih berleluasa kah?


I had high hopes. I wanted to do laps in the outdoor pool today, but then I can't even breathe when I went out for breakfast today so a quick change of plans and decided to just laze around in the room, with the curtains open and continue reading.

I manage to  finish the second book over breakfast today - lama nak mati membaca. It took me ages to finish in between work and overdue papers (which ehmmm, I have a few to attend to. Sigh. Buzzkill!). I suppose this book will take up just as much time. Aiyo cepat la abis...I so wanna start reading my Beautiful Creatures books.

Check out is at 1230 and hopefully there's time to soak in the tub as well.

Till then, laters!

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