Monday, June 24, 2013

Mini city break!

I was planning some time to relax so I packed a suitcase with all my vanity potions, books (that I plan to read, not that I will have much time to do so), yoga mags (that I inspire to read and practice, hmmm...) and all my gadgets (lappy, tab, phone....I can not live without!) and brace for a trip to a place I thought will be totally disconnected from the whole wide world when in fact, this place, amidst all its serenity and beuaty - is fully equipped with high speed wifi that I just have to give 10 out 10 among all the places I have travelled to by far.

Because even when I was in Sheraton Langkawi the internet was shitty.

Thus then the books and the mags will make a whole lot of sense! mesmerised over the supervalue I got over the weekend....

 ....oh super nice 4 poster bed!!!

If I ever get to have a 600sqf room of my own I want one of these - in king size. The mattress is super nice too...I can sleep all day and my back won't hurt. I suppose that's where all the premium rate goes - on a good bed.

The room comes with a super nice bath tub and rain love love. I soaked in the tub for an hour the first night I'm here and the hot water seems super nice after a few laps in the pool.


I was worried about haze but the air seems pretty clear so all is definitely not wasted.

What I love next to the four poster bed is the jacuzzi overseeing the lake. This is way better than Andana Spa at Glenmarie - the pressure is just nice. Too bad the water ain't warm - its a cold j.

Oh crap! Bila la nak bukak braces ni? Stress aku tengok pics.
I can't wait to take my braces off! Sigh! For a person that loves showing off her teeth when smiling, braces sure kills all mojo. Hence many see me less and less these days (hahah!). Thank God the dentist gives me a rough estimate of about 6 to 7 more months to be patient and stay calm.

Sembunyi Spa - for review stay tune for the next post!
I spent some time at the spa on Saturday and it was definitely refreshing. Not so crazy about the massage but   I did feel good after the 2 and half our ritual of massage, scrub and bath.

Oh the have doof been bags on the garden compound to chillax. It looks fun, but since I am not particularly crazy about bean bags I opted to stay by the poolside cabanas instead.

Oh! Notice the snowflake necklace? Got that from Phnom Penh last year and totally rocking it with the long Coach necklace, pearly headnbands and Jaspal sunnies. Tetiba feeling fashionista!

On a tad jusgemental note, anyone knows what I can do about my eyebag?

I think I tried every possible eye cream in the market but nothing seems to zap that out! Takkan la everytime I wanna snap a pic kena pakai sunnies kan!

Sigh, Favourite spot - overlooking the mushroom-like waterfall  by the pool. I don't know what to call that thing, it looks like a mushroom or a cave.

Definitely a nice place to hang and relax. Will never get bored because of the extremely strong wifi access in the resort! I suppose there's perks in located in an MSC status area, no excuses for poor wifi service.

People are friendly and the breakfast buffet has quite a decent spread.Can never get enough of lounging at the pool area while sinking in some Vitamin D loving, thanks God the weather is kinder and more agreeable than the average heaty KL.

As I write I dread the thought of Monday. Sigh. But then something has to pay for the bills aite?

Tilla laters! xoxo.

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