Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh so gone were the days when I can live without a phone.....and the disaster that follows....

It so happens that my dearly belowed Iphone finally died on me after 2 and half years of dutiful service.....

.....the phone must have felt beaten and worn out because without warning whatsoever, it goes kaput.

I tried everything....

I charged - failed.

I tried to turn it on again - failed.


After about 12 hours or so start la kan tak senang duduk and whatnot. So I end up with a new set of Iphone.

Now....getting a substitute to replace the one that died is easy peasy. What comes after - syncing all the data and apps and whatnot - is the tricky bit. Maklumla.....I ni gila buta IT. I traded my tab for and Ipad mini and upgraded my lappy about 3 weeks back and can you believe it sampai hari ni tak abis sync nak tak nak hari ni kena duduk sync and susun balik everything from the backup I have in my ICloud...


To tell you the truth it has been a torturous couple of hours. Another friend of mine (yang juga buta IT tapi gatal nak sync jugak gadgets dia dgn dia punya Mac) decided to get me help dia buat the same while I am doing mine. Grrrr. So since after iftar I have been strugglight with 2 lappy's , 2 Iphones and 2 Ipads while arguing about Apple ID's and why we sync to ICloud all the data sebab despite kawan aku ni ada semua gadget in the world la kan.....dia hanya sync lagu je kat semua gadget dia. Bila dia tau boleh download apps and sync all gadgets tetiba teruja.


At the end when everything is done tetiba dia keluar statement ..... Ï don't think you can be a teacher, u have no patience".

Dang! Pulak dah!

Kalau aku takde patience takde la aku nak tolong ko synckan those gadgets.


Thank God the worse is over.

Okla nak tido sebab esok keje.


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