Saturday, August 17, 2013

Girls day out!

Called Shasha earlier today because I don't want to be stuck at home all weekend. An hour later, we had lunch and sipped a cuppa of our favourite green siren's bevie....

*insta newbie cracking the habit! dengan starbucks cuppa pun nak camho. :P*

Anyways, we stayed a bit longer and decidead to roam OU for a change. Si Shasha ni kalau nak ajak shopping memang susah bebenor la kan. Once in a blue moon baru boleh drag minah ni masuk shopping mall. Not that she doesn't shop. Usually we just hang out for teh tarik je after work and gossip.

Coincidently it was high time to get new crocs sandals. My sandal is about 3 years old already and the comfy level dah merudum - so its a bit high time I get a new one considering that I will be doing a lot of walking when I am travelling in Sept, Oct and end Nov. Okla - not that I am expected to go to Istanbul on slippers la kan tapi nanti nak pergi bali mesti kena pakai comfy sandals kan? Takkan nak pakai heels?

*catch of the day!*

Love the purples and pinks!!! I personally love croc's ocean minded range of slippers because its super light and comfy, and the new pink sandals had extra paddings that curves in the soles of the feet so huge brownie points.


Thank God its still on sale. Got all for 20% off.

Shasha got lippies from BodyShop, she's not so inclined on the new VS lip gloss I urged her to try because she's allergic to the glitters.

Like seriously? Boleh allergic? Macam mana nak pouty lips?


Being oh-so-human me, I am tragecially lured to the new arrivals in DP, TopShop and Charles& Keith. Tapi since Shasha is around she gave me the öh-you-don't-need-more-"fill in the blank whatever" look and aku pun terpaksa la letak balik whatever crap I took back on display. Sheesh. The only time I think she's a bit interested in buying something is when she ask me into MichaelKors.


As we step in there it is - the MK Miranda on display - in various colors. Oh cantek. Took a liking at their leather tote bags too - the one in purple is just breath taking.


Letak dalam wish list je la.Its not urgent anyway.



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