Saturday, August 24, 2013

Preparing to pack my bags.....

As we are closing in to September and bidding our farewells to a month of gluttonous food fest (ho yeah, countless open houses for 4 weeks to a point I am scared shit looking at the food menu - I kinda psyched that the month is almost over), I was furious to found out that my Istanbul plans were called off by the tour agent because of the low take up rate.

Seriously Mayflower? You tell this a month before I fly? After I dream the almost-impossible dream to fly across the picturesque Cappadocia - all of a sudden you squash it like a pumpkin and say "oops, were sorry - we can only fit you in to November"crap?

*pics ihsan Lonely Planet*


I refuse to submit. So I turned on my travel diva cap and searched for another agent (which I hope that will put me through) as I scorn the agent who squashed my dreams.

But guess what I found out?

MAS sale!!!!!! Cheapo MAS flights from 1 Sept to 15 May next year to various places and I got all crazy....

Ok...patience is a virtue. Sabar. I can'[t exactly go everywhere within that span of time considering I have classes and work (hmmmm....). Well I dont yea have to work. Otherwise no holidays.

And so I will settle with hoping that the new agent can get me through (oh please please please) and getting the girls oiled up for Komala's hen's trip in April. Oh yeah - the wheels are all set - we will finally be overseas to celebrate Kom's entrant to marriagehood next year. All the girls will be there.I'm super psyched!


That one good thing to look forward too. For now best not to fret about things that may not happen and hopefully things would turn out for the best.


niQue_naQ said...

hi! im going to Istanbul at the end of Sept, when are you going? havent done a single google on it yet, where to go where to stay, im panicking actually huhu any tips? im going to matta fair tis weekend hoping to get some sort ground travel info :)

Zuraida said...

hi babe! lama u menyepi. anyways i'm going end sept and we found a cool tour agent who will fix us everything based on the matta fair rates releasing esok. u wanna come?

kalau interested let me know. i can hook u up with the agent.


niQue_naQ said...

yeah, agak lama jugak.., i moved to a new role (same company!) and i moved to kuching last year, and moved to kuantan early this year, life has been super hectic haha but i still read blogs and never missed your posts!
yes please!! nak contact agent tu! i will do another comment with my contact details, no need to publish that one :p :p