Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Talking about ém haters.....

Of late I found out that apparently I have my very own personal hater - the kind that compares every single thing about me with them and talk crap about how bad I am at this and that. Awww...thats kind of cute at first, the thought that someone I don't even think off or give my two cents worth making all the effort to be all green about me but then after a while the thought came up pretty crappy.

Because this girl has a perverted sense of looking at things. Perhap the thoughts were motivated towards a certain someone someone close to me and that I, being a close friend of the certain someone someone, was seen to be a benchmark turned competitor for the certain someone someone's affection. At some point (I was told) that this girl twisted a story we shared to thoughts insanely perverted it struck me...

...hold on. I am not how she described.

For one I prefer to handle people with grace, and there was nothing gracefull over the way she depicted me. Though the certain someone someone quoted  that "she put it in a subtle way" that öh zuraida should say this"and "zuraida shouldn't say that"and that she "never thought zuraida is bold to have such pervy thoughts and say it out in public" quoting "kalau I malu la....".

The thing is - I said nothing of sorts. I know it. And if the story ever caught wind, those who truly know me will know that its made up.

She should have look at the mirror when she said all that. Perhaps la it'll hit her that so far dia je yang fikir macam tu...while others....


Perhaps again, its a story made up to get the attention of the same certain someone someone.


Desperado sangat ka to a point that you have to go through such lengths?

I read a very cool write up today on July issue of Female mag on haters in which I think makes a spot on point (oh I memang suka baca mags lambat - now that all is digital, I took the time to read at gym because its no longer heavy to carry mags, just my Ipad) :

" I didn't respond because it seemed like she was hoping that I'd do something about the whole situation. of seeing me upset. It wasn't hard to avoid her anyway because we weren't friends or acquaintances. I basically did my own thing and let her be. I've learnt that ''ignorance is bliss'' is the way to go. Its easier said than done yes, but if you had gone down to their level to retaliate, it doesn't make you the bigger person. You're just one of them. I think girls in general should just stop comparing themselves with each other. Whenever there's competition, things can turn ugly - even among closest friends. There's this saying "its nice to be important but its important to be nice" which I agree with all my heart. Cheesy but true! Heather, 24, Writer" - Female Mag July 2013 issue, page 318.

I decided to head the same advice and just let this slide. Besides, some people are just not worth the time. Not that the certain someone someone interested kat dia pun.....juvenile sungguh la perangai buat benda2 highschool ni bila umur dah lebih 4 dekad. I know a lot of empowering women that age who acts with grace and wisdom, the very thought of what happened just disgust me.

Keep in mind....its important to be nice. We save our souls through our own actions, not others. So lets be nice. For now.

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