Saturday, September 14, 2013

Less than a week to a very very long break yáll!!!! Mode : sangat excited! I have started setting aside all the things I need for the trip including getting a pair or two new sweaters - because God help me if the nights end up to chilly akak frozen sebab bajet the weather to range between 16 to 25 degrees je - not at all chilly winter nights.

While going about OU today bump into Tang's luggage sale - gatal la tangan beli luggage bag besar baru for the trip. Ingat nak borrow from Shasha je, but then its only RM300 (after discount) and it can carry a full load of 50 kilos (which translate to spacious - all the sweaters will take up the space nanti - nanges! Ni belum winter lagi - damn I hate winter holidays!) so now that I have my own bag, heheheh, Shasha can keep hers.

*she is so going to kill me - she kept on reminding me not to spend so much - matik la kena ceramah esok all the way to Kluang*


Anyways, am back in class for the semester and will be heading to Kluang tomorrow for my bestie's engagement party! Woots! I hope I can make it on time, coz I can only leave after class and God know's it might take like forever for a class to finish.


Now back to talking about imports and exports.


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