Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Bestie Komala's Engagement Ceremony @ Kluang, Johor

It's been ages since we hear wedding bells ringing kan? Well, most of my friends are now happily married and with kids, so we are all pretty settled down. Apart from yours truly yang still waiting for her turn to kiss singledom goodbye, my bestie Komala seems to be a tad more fortunate than I am coz her big day is soon to arrive!


We have been talking about her engagement since a while back and the dates kept on moving because they have to talk to the stars and the moons on best available date for the big day. When the engagement was finanlly announced I have a few of my own reservations coz I went all selfish and book my holidays in advance and the dates almost clashed (ho yeah.....bad bad bestie!) but thank God I finally manage to make it all the way to Kluang, Johor. Driving!

*okayla, with Shasha of course. Kalau shasha takde tak tau la sampai sana ke tak!*

So last weekend was kinda cramp - with having to sit for 2 days of 9-hour classes and rushing a 3 hour drive to Kluang to make it for the engagement dinner. Considering the next day is Malaysia Day, we expected a rush hour traffic on the way back to KL on Monday so we (me & shasha) did a makan-makan excursion along the way - stopping by the railway (for Kluang coffee), Klebang (for coconut shake), my mom's house (for a break and food - then we watched the Titanic! Oh Leonardo DiCaprio was freaking young in that movie) and the Seremban R&R before finally arriving in KL 9 hours after leaving Kluang town.

Sigh. Long drive. And yeah....sangat sangat Malaysian.

The journey and the piccas was updated on my insta. As for the rest.....enjoy!

*the nasi daun pisang we had before we left for Kluang - we had high expectation on Raju's, the experience were a tad dissapointing though*

*Gerimis only along the way down south - blessed that its not puring!*

*Finally arrived at Kluang - doubted that we will make it in time but hey, we even had extra time to spare. Bagus sungguh!*

Engagement event pics!:

Just got to love besties who camwhores! *grin*

Next day pics!:

*Oh the cononut shake is so yummy*

Can't wait for the actual wedding to come.....another go-down-south roadtrip to plan.

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dieya said...

congrats to komala! i havent seen her since uni days. tau2 nak kawin already. good for her!
insha Allah our turn will come babe. let's continue praying and man-hunting!