Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My FV Loot of the Day!

Let's give a loud scream for the arrival of the long awaited Kiss&Tell shoes and much anticipated Sofina2 from FashionValet....

Of course the purchase was done two days back and the parcel arrived yesterday evening but can you believe it that its stuck at mailroom to a point I kena go all 13 floors down to hunt for it before it reaches me?


But I'm in a good mood today, so lets forego that. For now.

I had a pink Kiss&Tell heels and I loved it so much I have been contemplating for a while to grab more. Menyesal sungguh tak beli masa dia on discount that one day a few months back. The shoes has been stocked and restocked so I figured since I am getting Sofina2 anyway, why not just grabbed the studded Kiss&Tell and the long drooled over 4 incher I have always wanted at one go??

Isn'y it just gorgeous? Tried it on and gosh it fits like its made for my feet - so not taking it off!

No wonder Vivy Yusoff was so crazy about it.

Kudos I am one happy bunny. Now I got the heels perfect for Kom's engagement on the 15th.


And for the reason for all this siesta....have a peek at my all blue Sofina2....


Love the material. Definitely a step up from the last Sofina (I have one in purple - loving it too) and wished I was fast enough to grab it in red too (of course, the pink was gorgeous but I have too many pinks, so am trying a different color to spice up the wardrobe) because this beauty ran out of stock within an hour the day it was released.

Damn all those meetings. Sheesh!  

Till then , restock! Restock! Restock! Restock! *chant everyday till next restock day!*

Now. I have a new bag for tonight's gig at The Bee. Matched perfectly with the white and navy blue dress - kinda look semi girly with punk rock edge.  *smile*

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