Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sealing the deal....10 days to Istanbul....

Syukur that my new agent, Aura Empire Holidays, do not disappoint. In a way I think we end up with a better itinerary compared to the previous agent, Mayflower. Despite the time crunch we gave them to come up with a viable tour replacement, they manage to persevere and match the initial budget quote with a few extras - not that the extra is free, but since we are now on a private arrangements, we can add in a small sum that allows us a bit of time saved, free and easy options and better ground arrangements.

Will be paying up today to finalise all the details (and finally see the actual tix! yeayyers!!!) and starting off now to the next 10 days, dream of little earthly pleasures Istanbul has to offer....

*pics courtesy of google, for now, hopefully when I am there I can share those of my own. Follow my insta for that I am an instabug myself I suppose getting a local sim so I can update on a daily basis is so unavoidable....kan??*

The dream balloon ride in Cappadocia. The ONLY reason I have been bugging to go. Not so into trojan horses and colloseums (though it'd be cool to actually be in a greek myth scene, being a greek geek and all), I have to say that despite my fear of heights, I am so gonna brave this.

I remember how scared I was the last time I took the Eye On Malaysia a couple of years back, especially when the ferris wheel stop mid-air and we can see the whole way down because of the glass floors. Sheesh. But if the gajah in the celcom ad can brave this, I can do it too.

Whisk away through sunrise on a hot air balloon....I know, dream honeymoon but then if I have waited it would might never happen, so here we go!

Next on the what-I-expected-of-my-Istanbul trip is crashing at the cave hotels. Selalu lepak hotel semua glass and boutiquey but when I saw the photos of the hotels I say must go.....why not? Not that you have cave hotels kat Malaysia pun kan??

I found this underground map in one of my google searches....this is like more intricate then the ChuChi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh and whoah if we can stand there and walk all 6 feet standing then god knows what kind of genius who manage to dig such huge tunnels that actually let people live like on land?

Which makes me wonder, how the hell do people breathe down there? Don't they get claustrophobic?

Of course, whats' a travel without shopping!!!!! I heard Istanbul has massive bazaar's that sells from everything to anything under the sun and I'm psych! Who on earth do not love bazaars?

We are lucky that we manage to fit in about two days of free and easy in Istanbul in our 9D7N trip - hopefully we won't get lost coz got knows how scary it is to be lost in a foreign land.

And of course....loking forward to soaking in the culture, the beauty of the place and the sun.

Can you believe it that it wont be cold when we're there? It'll be like 16 to 25 degrees je (macam Genting, max) and gosh being a sunny person I am (who mostly thrive in heat and beaches), I kinda secretly welcome this.

I know. Boohoo you. People wants snow. But snow is overrated. When it melts the whole place looks dirty and brown, me no likey.


Last but not the least, hoepfully I will make it to the Salt Lake in Pamukkale....


Found out that another blogger, Nik, will be in Istanbul too around the same time. Hopefully one of those days our path will cross, coz I have been reading her adventures for a while now and she seems like an awesome person to hang out with! And there's always room for more people to party when we travel aite?

The clock starts ticking now.


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