Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things I will surely miss over this next few weeks....

As much as I look forward to going away, I have to admit I do wish that it'll be great if certain MPO and shows is showing when I am the upcoming MPO rocks and MPO Jazz concerts that's happening this weekend.....

I heard raving stories about Ella and Awie's rock concert at Istana Budaya - so I am a tad dissapointed when I found out that the same (at least Ella will be there and probably many more local rock legends) will be performing this Saturday with MPO - sheesh....rugi rugi rugi - and I won't be able to make it.


As if MPO is trying to rub salt on my wound - they are performing with Jazz diva's the next day....

My fav (again) - Adibah Noor. Throw in Dina and Atillia there and I am sold, but hey, by the 22nd I am expected to be on a hot air balloon across Cappadocia - so what think will triumph?

Double sigh.

I never seem to have any luck catching up with Faizal Tahir either....

 ....ho yes....this weekend, at Hard Rock Cafe.

Last I even got the chance, I traded it with a night of Yuna serenading the crowd in Istana Budaya. And I don't listen to Yuna as often as FT.....I listen to FT everytime I run at the gym.

Triple sigh?

Which brings to the last, and the very big miss....

Lawak Ke Der 3.

2 seasons of sold out tix.

The third season, I am trading it with a weekend in Bali (again!).

Lets just hope the 3rd season aint the last one, coz if it is then I will miss it just as much as I have missed PGL.

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