Tuesday, October 29, 2013

13 hours and two flights - seriously,,,,that long?

Set a date with my travel buddy to meet up tomorrow to exchange photos and in lieu of doing so decided to go through my photo loot and edit as many as I can and gosh I'm super lazy to do so. I wish all the pics can magically edit itself and turn to a nice album or something. Sigh. We really need an app for that. I would buy one. I suppose many others will be willing to do the same.

The flight to the exotic land of Trurkey takes about 13 hours give or take - personally I have not been in such long flight in a while....last being years back when I was still in school. Ok la....admit that over this past decade I have been scavenging asia a lot, now I suppose its high time to check out elsewhere.


But then as always, there is no place like home. I know I'd miss my own country the moment I left it because as I am repeatedly reminded how blessedly beautiful this country is till the very minute I board a flight.

Oh yes, even KLIA is sublime.

You know what's more sublime?

Teh tarik and nasi lemak!!!

Miss it the minute I leave. In fact...belum blah pun boleh miss both of this sinful food. And being me I don't skimp on food....I love my food and if its 1000 cal per serving I won't skimp anything that will blur out the taste.

Apa kes minum teh tarik tak cukup rasa kan?

Better take ONE perfect cup than MANY of substandard ones.

The last trip I had the liberty to fly on Qatar Airways, selalunya kalau pi jauh2 mesti naik MAS kan - alkisah harus la support our own national carrier - but then to my surprise QA's service is not bad at all.

The food was good. My travel buddy and I dotted the choc mousse cake. The in flight entertainment was good too. The movies are quite current - while on air I manage to catch up on movies that I wanted to watch but didn't manage to since I got so busy - like The Internship.

There you go. Sorang satu skrin. Siap touch screen lagi. Tapi I lagi suka guna remote!

Itu dia remote kegemaran!!!

Jakun seh! Hahahahah!

Anyways thats my travel buddy for the 10 day trip - we knew each other from work back when I was in Cagamas ( but then she was not in Cagamas) and we still keep in touch all this years.

First trip together. Look at that excited faces!!

Ok la, dia tak berapa excited sebab tak sempat make-up!


The trip was long. We did a stop in Doha for an hour before taking the connecting flight to Istanbul.

There you go - Doha from above. Tempat dia panas ya rabbi. Dalam airport pun boleh berpeluh. Thank God the wait is not that long sebab seriously I can't imagine being stuck there too long. Besides, everything is pricey in Doha airport - the food, the water, the duty free - not fun at all.

But the transit system is very very well organised. I like.


We arrived in Istanbul abt 6pm Istanbul time and spent the night at a hotel in the old city before leaving for Ankara the next day. We opted to take a domestic flight to Ankara to just save the 7 hour journey between Istanbul and Ankara and sub it with beauty sleep. Hehehehe! Bijak bijak. Seriously the price difference is not that much - and a good night's rest makes us happy travellers....kan???

Contrary to popular beliefs, Ankara is safe to travel to now (no bombings whatsoever) and the place is kind of nice because they have the Anatolian museum there that have all the Hitite tablets.

Oh I am a sucker for history, don;t you know? If its up to me I'll be in museums for hours and hours just reading all the history ; of course I like the less crowded places - kalau ramai sangat orang I lari sebab stress.


Plus if you go to Ankara you get to visit the tomb of Mustafa Kamal Attaturk. Our history books painted a grim story about this dude, sure....he suppressed Islam in his attempts to modernise Turkey, but from what I gather the Turks dot this guy, he must have been misunderstood.

Alas...will post pic of Ankara next.

As of now, enjoy my breakfast while waiting for my flight....

Bagels and coffee.

The coffee is nothing to shout for. I still prefer the coffee I had in Phnom Penh - oh so divine. Perhaps the Turks is more of a tea people than coffee people.

Till laters.

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