Monday, October 14, 2013

Back home!

Yes. I am home. From a 20 day break that is super surreal. It took me a week to get over the jetlag - the different time zones and endless early mornings to catch the sunrise tours did take a toll on me ; my eyes goes big like an owl on the stroke of midnight and kept on going strong till early Subuh - but I'm all out and dope by 5pm every single day for the past week.

It was great though. I had fun. The places I went to was beautiful - I am safe home and I am still in awe at how amazing it was.I manage to a few things I had in my bucket list, like go hiking (managed to hike Mt Batur, what an experience! I have to admit, halfway I almost cried!), took a hot air balloon ride (and I thought I'd be sick of the heights but hey, it was not so bad, I actually enjoyed it!), be in Asia and Europe on the same day (yada yada yad, the most do thing in Turkey), haggle my way alone in a foreign land (for once, a place that is totally alien to me - yes, Indonesia and Thailand does not count) and of course, be more friendly when meeting new people.


Of course have always been friendly. But then it use to take quite sometime especially when I am travelling alone and all.

I am dying to share my pics. I still haven't got time to go through the whole bunch of piccas in my lappy because I have been busy catching up with sleep and all the tv series that was released when I was away. Can you believe it, I have finish almost 50 episodes over this weekend alone?

God bless that my fav epi's (vampire diaries, drop dead diva, suits and all) are back and I have added new epi's that's worth watching to the list (orange is the new black - awesome, the originals, sleepy hollow, moms, crazy ones, the blacklist, do no harm) and with a few more coming up (the walking dead particularly) I am all psyched.

*grin - tv geek mode*

For now invade my insta for photo updates. Till later. 

Happy Hari Raya Aidil Adha to everyone. Have a good break all!


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