Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good Morning Gorgeous!!!!

Wow! I love this week. I feel good almost everyday. It's superhard to get a feel-good-all-week-mood these days, I definitely have to exercise and eat right more often. I suppose my hormones are more balanced and thereefor, making me feel good and happier.

Now to work on my sense of humor and voila I'm set! They say if you get to laugh all day it'll be good for everything.


Shahnaz and I threw a small dinner date to celebrate Kom's birthday yesterday. Poor girl, everyone is getting more busy with other stuff and priorities we all tend to drift apart.

Sigh. All this while Komala has been a great glue to our close-knitted friendship - bad bad bad of us if we miss her out. One good thing about her is that she never burst out and complain or be angry - we are so blessed to have such a good friend.

Hugs! Oh yes we all love her. It'll be very sad when she had to leave KL and join her future hubby in JB.

We had dinner in Bens at BV - while waiting I manage to burn my wallet with a loot from Red's Revenge booth conveniently located in the open area....

Oh the accessories are to die for and their dirt cheap. Where can u have cool dangling earrings for 10 bucks these days? Even Diva charges like almost RM20.

And their are super funky.

So there I was, going bonkers filling my mini baskets with practically everything from earrings to necklaces to headbands. Never bought a single thing in the outlet in Publika even when I actually pass in front of the shop every single day during lunch hour but tonight??? What has gotten into me???

Perhaps its the good mood!

Shahnaz and I met up earlier because Komala was late - she had to go for physio. One of the downsides of ageing is that it comes with a lot of health problems and one of it is back problems - I have tonnes of friends who experience slip disc and what not. Oh crap do I get it correct? Well you guys know la, something along the line.

So its important to take care of ourself. Watch what we eat, exercise. There were countless times when I complain about knee pains and breathing problems and my doctor's only solution was "Zuraida, you need to shed the weight and exercise more. Try a walk in the park for 30 mins 3 times a week" and I go "what??? You don't have some magic meds to deal with this?".

Well taking pills is never a good solution. Not in the long run anyway.

So its good to identify health concerns early and opt on prevention steps. I believe going organic is a good thing. I might not be an avid fan know but there's nothing wrong with consuming organically produceed goods thats prevents harm from entering your body. And taking the right supplements. We have to understand that everyone is different - a supplement that is good for one person may be bad for another - so understanding what our body needs and taking the correct supplement may help our well being in the long run.

Tolong jangan hentam semborono ambik supplements and gebang bagai and after that hentam orang lain tak tentu pasal just because they don't believe in what you believe - be educated and do whats best.

Semalam I decided to go for Ben's bread panzanella and eggplant salad.

I love their salads.....two portions are super huge for me because the eggplant macam kembang later dalam perut.  I thought we might need an extra pizza to cover the potential lack of fullness once we are done with the salad but no....I was good for the rest of the night.

On top of that we had Bisou's red velvet cake (they sell them in mini's and nicely decorated, can you believe it???). Sublime.

Look at how excited Komala is with her first Pandora bracelet....

She was oggling the same bracelet when she was getting a gift for my birthday and we thought hey, since her idea of getting us our first Pandora let to more money spent on Pandora (seriously, a lot I tell you) why don't we drag her into the same craze so we can all be merry about it??


The bracelet looks nice next to her engagement ring though. Tried to zoom to awe all of you of what she is rocking but I suppose I have to make her show off the ring rather than the bracelet if I wanna do that la kan?

That was yesterday.

OOTD is casual black with studded Kiss&Tell shoes in red. Oh the 4+ inch heels is super awesome, it gives a slimming look in all the mirrors at work. Ok la, I need the added height....tapi sebab berat tak berani pakai tinggi2 selalu. But then you wait....who knows la kan what will happen in a couple of months?


I rocked my loot from Red's Revenge today.....

Definitely compliments the black in a no-makeup face.

Stay happy. Have a good day y'alls!

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