Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'll look prettier if I am slimmer???

....don't we all darling?
Sebab tu la after balik from the long Istanbul-Bali trip I am determined to shed the weight.
Al kisah I am at my all time low after raya baru baru ni sebab my relatives semua sibuk wonder why the hell I am gaining weight at record breaking time. Yeah right, as if ME gaining weight adalah masalah utama dunia - pollution, war, etc semua tu tak sebesar masalah I gain weight. I was like wtf la kan, as if you even cared what happened to me since last raya, nak call sekali 6 bulan pun susah....bila jumpa aku sibuk pulak sub-analyse tujuh lapan kali kenapa aku gemuk.
*emo tetiba*
Anyways, sebenarnya takde la masalah besar pun sebenarnya....dulu lepas breakup dengan arif I balloon to the exact same weight they are all complaining right now (yeah, mak jemah dah kembali ke original weight 4 tahun yang lalu) and masa kat Cagamas, boleh je lose all that supaya boleh makan dan bergumbira sesuka hati hingga ke hari ini. Tak percaya go back to Dec 2009 punya post, you will go amazeballs!
*mood ceria balik!*
So I am replicating the exact same thing I did years back - food control using HL - and now trying to find the push to go back to exercising. Iekaz did it! Not on HL of course, she didn't need it sebab dia takde la overweight like me (omg, kalau u tengok my body fat %  now, you'll faint!) but my dear friend exercise and she runs like every week and changed her food consumption behaviour to be more healthy - so (slowly eh!) I aspire to be like her!
*she hit 58 kgs today! So proud of you Iekaz, hugs!*
Anyways, back to the main story. Digress pulak....
.....semalam pergi HL group meeting. Fine, admit it, I need a push, so I joined a weight loss support group (ceeeehhhh, cam masuk AA pulak). Trust me its a good thing, I need the motivation. Lately cam bila nak buat semua benda rasa malas (sigh!). We talked about healthy eating - yes, kitorang bukan kumpulan mak jemah gossip pasal weight loss je, kitorang belajar pasal nutrisi ok - like good protein, bad protein, good fats, bad fats etc - then at the end baru sesi check progress and heart-to-heart sharing (chewah!) and somewhere in between my friend Sherene actually said....
..."babe, u look much better now I notice you have sharp facial features. If you slim down you will look very pretty!!!"
But then look at me with the rest of my group....

...memang dah pretty dah pun kan??
Hahahahah! Perhaps dia nak stress on the word VERY.
Oklah, before I crap the hell out of this I better stop.
Today's OOTD is a simple vintage kurung matched with earrings from Red's Revenge (again!). Excuse me, there'll be loads of RR stuff to come since I bought a loot last couple of bear with me.

Have a good Thursday peeps! Keep on spreading the positivity!
Notakaki : Sape nak lose weight bersama2 feel free to buzz me! The more the merrier! :D


iekaz said...

awww.. did u just mentioned my name? hehehe.. thanks sayang! lets us all adapt healthier living style. Eat more, exercise more. Eat less, exercise less. Life starts at 40 remember?

dot said...

Babe. Aku malas nak gi AA bagai tapi kalau aku nak HL on discounted price ko leh belikan tak? Hehe

dot said...

Babe. Aku malas nak join AA segala. Tapi kalau aku nak beli HL on a discounted price ko leh belikan tak. Hehe

Zuraida said...


Boleh. Kawan punya pasal akak ok je. Call/whatsapp me.


Zuraida said...

iekaz dearie,

Yes, I mentioned you. Hehheheh! Buat bakar semangat.


Intan and The Boys said...

kalaulah dekat....memang aku join ko beb.