Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In a good mood I am.....

....yes I am.

I think the Hatha practice yesterday did good to me - I slept better, I felt oxygen underneath my skin, my back feels great and I am definitely calmer. I even woke up early today and spent an hour in the shower - just enjoying the water while I took the time to shampoo my hair.

Albeit an early morning wake up, I still left the house the exact same time I always did. It was 9am in the morning an the sun was fantastic. That's rare these days, considering that it had been a bit cloudy lately due to the rain.

Not that I am complaining. But a sunny morning always beats cloudy days.

Its definitely a good day. I should do this more often.

Workload had been slow today, so I took the time to do some of my own stuff (like getting articles and stuff)....better do it while I can because who knows what kind of madness I will be in tomorrow at work. Everyday is a surprise here in the office - there is always a need to give more than what is expected, not to mention countless adhoc request that can drain the living daylight out of you.


But its good that the day is kind to me today.


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