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My trip to the Egyptian Spice Market, Istanbul

OMG lamanya pompuan ni nak update blog dia sampai basi dah cerita jalan jalan dia....


In my defense my pics belum abis transfer lagi. Some of it is still with my travel buddy. My schedule got crazy the moment my holidays ended jadi there's not even a minute spared to share my photos with friends. There are times when I am just too tired and even when my friends do ask about the trip, I barely chattered.

Kronik sungguh tahap bz!


Anyways its Friday, and rather than succumb to more work stress I just decided to share some of my travel kita semua boleh cuci mata!!!!


I didn't exactly explore Istanbul on my first day of arrival. I braved long hours and hilly trips across Turkey before finally got the chance to explore the capital city. I have to say that despite all odds, the country is lovely....and I think the Turks are very very lucky to get a chance to live in such a beautiful place. All my pics came up like a postcard picture even when I didn't even bother to drag my Lumix along - I just settled with my Iphone 5 and still get amazing pics to go home with. Plus the country is rich in culture - I wish I got to stay longer and just soak in more history. I love the stories I get to listen along the way - too bad the trip is very short comparatively to the stories that needs to be told.

Perhaps the rest of the stories are for the other times. Hopefully.

One of the most colorful places that I visited during the 10 day trip was the Egyptian Spice Market. To shopaholics who adores markets (like moi) this is truly a shoppers heaven - what you get at Grand Bazar you can get it here too at a fraction of a cost. Okla, Grand Bazar has better textile and carpets - but who's gonna carry carpets anyway. Of course, don't expect a Bukit Bintang version of shops la - if you want high end stuff go to Nisantasi - sebijik macam Orchard or Bukit Bintang.

Here are some pics at the Spice Market....

Turkish lamps - you can hang them, stand them , leave them be , turn it to chandeliers - love love love the cracked glass designs I bought the one in red at the top which now sits next to my queen size bed at home. They come in small, medium and large and its cheap to boot ; the medium size can go between RM30 to RM40 per piece.

Smaller versions to put jewellery trinkets (half a mug) goes for about 5 lira - thats close to RM8.

This uncle sell Turkish tea on the go. I am not sure what the daun daun is for but I suspect those are mints.

The bazar sets on a centre square with inner roads surrounding the bazars itself p- the outer shops are definitely way way cheaper than the shops in the center of the bazar so if you do get there, spend some time roaming around before deciding on a purchase. I am glad that I have extra free time after my Istanbul city tours, so instead of just spending an hour in the bazar during the city visits, I get to spend half a day at the bazar (from noon till the bazar closed at around 7pm) and end up with quite a loot of my own.

Oh teka apakah ini? 

Its like foamed yogurt drink - served on huge mugs kinda like beer mugs.

Orang sana minum macam minum teh tarik.

Sumpah I takut nak try. Hahahahha.

And of course la dah namanya Spice Market - there must be spices. They have jewelleries and stuff too...

For tea lovers you can easily find organic tea sold in and out of the bazar. Look at those colors? The pinkish ones have lavender, lime and rose.

This is the small size glass ornaments I told u earlier. Comel kan??


For those of you who love gemstones (like me)...walk at the back alley and you can find shop selling loose and treated gemstones at rock bottom prices, You can get anything from amethyst to quartz and whatnot from the price of 1 lira (thats about RM1.60) onwards.

They also have some shops selling arabic perfumes at the back - though nice I'm a tad American with my scents.

Another interesting thing I got from the market is the Turkish tea sets.

Cantek kan????

They have the simple ones that is made of either plastic or silver, ones that are adorned with crystals and they even have ceramic ones that have Turkish art on it.

I got a basic set in silver for 40 lira (thats about RM60) at one of the shops at the back alley. I first saw the set kat a shop at the side of the bazar, and when I started bargaining the owner said if I want to get better price I better go to their other shop like 5 mins walking distance away.

I don't know what I was thinking tapi the shop is a bit secluded - macam kat t1st floor macam tu. Masa mula2 tu I felt a bit scared jugak la ikut the shop owner - mana tau dia bawak kedai belakang-belakang ni silap2 aku kena mug ke apa. But then it end up he's quite trustworthy - memang ada more choices at the shop and he gave me 40% off the price as compared to the first shop ; with a free dulang and two mini sugar containers.


Muka takut tak?

Anyways, note to myself and all, next time perhaps better pergi berdua or bertiga - then takde la scary meri bila kena pergi tempat macam the second shop kan. Kalau kat Thailand ke, Indon ke sumpah aku dah halfway lari balik.

Dah penat jalan jalan lepak kat the main gate makan jagung.

Like I say if you are hunting for textile or carpets , you will have better luck at the Grand Bazar (and its surrounding areas) but if you are hunting for trinkets and souvies , do spend some time at the Spice Market because you can definitely get cheaper souvies here.

Tapi kalau nak Turkish delight sila pergi hafiz mustafa. They make the delicacy fresh (you can see it from the windowsill) and they package it way  better than the shops kat bazaars ni. Bukannya jauh pun - like 10 mins walk from spice market dia ada outlet - cari je dalam google map hafizmustafa1864.

Oh yeah google map sangat reliable di sana. I walked between bazaars and my hotel with ease and since they have a lot of small alleys, its good to have a reliable moving map because there is definitely a tendency to miss a road and get loss punya.

Till laters.


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