Thursday, October 17, 2013

The office is kinda cray cray.....

Its the time of the year when all of us needs to sit down and start doing our budgets and gosh do I get my spine all split to pieces hearing all the "No"s instead of the "Yes" so in light of my recent budget depression, I have decided to get myself a new moleskin.

*to write notes on - since with all the budget cuts, I can foresee that I'll be stuck in the exact same role for another year and pink moleskins beats read free planners they are going to give away because its my favourite color therefor less depressing*

 Cheer up!

Well part of being a cost center department, being able to save a penny more shows bigger brownie points so (big sigh) to crazily trying to minimise as much cost as possible. Being an accountant I should be more apt to savings anyway but then why the heck does others allowed to lavishly spend when the rest of the world have to cry for cookie crumbs?

Yeah because life is unfair.

Chin up, tomorrow's Friday. Should think positive thoughts then the day will be more positive.


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