Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Its a black tie affair yo! The ICAEW graduation dinner.

Ni betul ke budak ni sakit ni???

Kalau tengok gambar mesti rasa tertipu. But trust me I am not faking it. My condition is pretty severe ok. So bear with me. But then I try to be a happy chap - so bila orang ajak makan free laju je cakap yes!

Okay la. Bos beli table for the grad dinner. Nak harap aku jadi member ntah bila. MICPA buat dinner pun tak pernah nak pergi. Not that I have anything against it, not many of my friends are MICPA members so nanti pergi dinner macam blur je duduk dengan strangers. No fun. Kalau nak pergi biar ada geng ramai-ramai kan. At least for this one I have my close collegues with me, so tak de la all in vain sangat.

Back to the dinner story, nanti sampai abis I ramble about my vanity.

The team is black tie. So practically everyone suits up. We plan to move straight to the event venue from office so I wore my DP black dress (the exact same one that I got for Yuna's concert, gila lame wardrobe dah depleting) and took my accessories and make up with me. Nak makeup bukannya lama, it takes me about 15 mins je kot sebab I usually don't go for heavy make up. I did my eye though, because its a night event. Kalau biarkan je nanti nampak macam kecik sangat pulak mata.

Took the first photo as soon as I had my make up done....that time kononnya nak pull my hair back for the elegant finish la so nampak a bit ladylike macam tu. Kakak kat ofis dah start bising sebab they say I should do it more often. Yeah right. Tak akauntan la kalau comel flawless 24 jam....hahahha....gaya selebet tu macam trademark (*grin*) tapi sebenarnya dalam hati memang pemalas kot.


By the time I reach the venue tengok apa jadi....

.....dari gaya ladylike dah jadi gaya messy!

Takpela, actually I had the hair for almost an hour. Sebab the road was jammed all the way, it took us about one and half hour to reach KL Sentral from Publika. Gila tak gila....traffic kat KL memang hancus on a Friday night. Thank God Aloft KL Sentral was easy to find, so we didn't get lost ke apa.

Once we are in the ballroom there's a see of man in suits.

Okay la, the pic do not do justice. Sebab tak nampak macam lautan pun. But then trust me, its been a while seen I see that many people in black suits. Macam pergi FBI convention pulak.

Just saying.

Thought that dah sampai lambat boleh terus makan la kan....but then the whole thing doesn't start till 9 pm. I suppose everyone was late and they purposely delay the dinner to wait on some hotshots.

There you go.....kat meja SKPB bersama collegue suhailihadi. I don't know if she'll read this but eventually if you find out heheheh, hello!!!! 

The whole thing went on as usual. The food was okay. It took ages for the 7 course (or is it 9 course?) meal to end, and thank God they finish by midnight sebab seriously dah rasa macam nak hentak hentak meja nak balik especially bila the entertainer starts serenading Hush Hush.

Serious horror.

Anyways, one good thing that night I got a free powerbank.

 Mini and fits in the chanel.....nice, I like.

Ye la, kalau power bank besar tak muat plus berat. This one is good for short events.

Towards the end we found out that we were officially there because we got nominated as an ICAEW's authorised training employer. Hmmm.... buruk lantak sungguh dah makan kenyang-kenyang baru ambik tau. But still....to commemorate the night....

....take note CPA wannabees, now you can train with us.

Errk. Macam unintended promo tagline. But I suka je ramai-ramai orang join the company, the more the merrier.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Instagram me!

Its 11pm and I am still at the office. I should pack up soon....I have exams to sit tomorrow morning and reports to chase so that I can make it for the weekend holidays. Yes people, I am travelling again. I just found out that my leave has already been approved so as a gesture of goodwill, I aim to finish my reports asap and make sure that everything is in order so that they won't go bonkers while I enjoy myself out there.


I am still under the weather,despite the fact that I look perfectly fine last Friday night during the ICAEW dinner. Wanted to blog about it but my I didn't have my cable with me. So no piccas. My sister's engagement was quite eventful too....I totally rock my new jovie dress t o a point that ani's future MIL keep on repeating "auntie sukaaaaa baju zu, cantik sungguh" heheheeh! Thanks auntie....I love my baju too. We so have the same taste.


So till I get my photos dl'ed to the lappy, everything else is on insta. Not that I updated every minute or hour, its just that most immediate upload goes to insta and twitter these days.

The main page today totally sums up the latest happenings this past week or two - the atilia showcase, the ICAEW dinner , ani;s engagement and the visit to TMC.

In which unfortunately have to be repeated next Friday before I fly. The CT scan results awaits - crossing my fingers hoping that its nothing severe and it can be treated with medication. I heard bad reviews from sinus surgery, so I am now 50-50 over the possibility that I may need one myself. The thing is I hate being sick the whole time and not being able to breathe just take it to another crappy level. Seriously, sangat tak kelakar bila terbangun tengah-tengah malam tercungap-cungap tak boleh bernafas.


Laters love, gonna pack and go home now.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy busy Friday

A lot is happening this weekend. I have exams. My sister is getting engaged tomorrow. And there's this last minute annual dinner thingy we all have to attend to because the company bought a table at the ICAEW annual dinner event. I am still a bit under the weather, tapi macam tak baik la pulak dapat invite then tak pergi. So pagi tadi busy cari baju that looks a bit presentable and make sure I have all my essentials with me (makeup, accessories, shoes, handbag that kind of thing) because we are going straight to the event venue after work. Dinner starts at 730pm and its black tie, so tak boleh la pergi selebet selebet je.

At this ungodly hour, I found out that I have yet to finish my reports. Seriously, how could that have happened? Because I make sure I checked and double-checked to cover all the necessary details tapi rupa-rupanya banyak la pulak hidden notes that can only be expanded in a notes view.

Syabas bette....

At first I though takpe, ini semua kacang buncis tapi what the hell la kan, rupanya benda-benda yang hidden tu lagi dasyat daripada benda yang tak hidden...hahahah...padan muka. Lalai lagi. Suka sangat baca blog tina. :P. Kan dah menggelupur kejap....

....tapi jangan risau.

Semua bisa beres.


Ni belum cerita pasal my econs paper lagi. Itu lagi sadis.


Anyways, I am crossing my fingers, hopefully things can work out by 530pm so boleh lepak-lepak minum teh dulu sebelum pergi makan free. 


Have a good weekend ahead peeps!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Balloons balloons and more balloons....

....in Cappadocia...where its most famous of.

The only reason I even agreed to go to Turkey was the hot air balloon ride. I have raved on it countless times. I even told my agent that the moment I completed the ride I will forever hold my peace and considered Turkey conquered. That was well before I get to know and experience how beautiful the country and the culture was.

I have yet again to say, the experience was breathtaking.

I was almost at lost for words. I don't even know where to begin, but Cappadocia is very touristy and beautiful....the hot air balloon ride renders it's very own post.


The moment I posted the first photo of Cappa and the balloons my friend and collegue actually screamed that I hacked the photos from Google. Hello hello, dah terbang 13 jam lintas benua and laaut bagai takkan nak hack gambar google je kot.

To prove them all wrong, here you go! Me at xx thousand feet.

Seriously I can't remember how high.

But it was high enough.  

Does it surprise you that I have fear of heights?

Oh yes I do. I still do. Experiencing heights didn't diminish the fact but I know somewhat believe that I can conquer heights if I wanted too. All I need is confidence, believes that I can do it and keep calm.

Yes, keep calm.

I was lucky that my travel buddy did her research and we got one of the safest tour operators for the ride - Royal Balloons. Its about 20 to 30 dollars more expensive than the average 30 mins balloon ride but they have very high safety standards so it was all really good. Single ride goes for about USD180 per head, please check with your tour operators. You can book online or get a seat when you are in Cappa. You can even arrange for them with operators in Istanbul.

The standard sunrise ride comes with breakfast, so if you want to enjoy it get them to pick you up early.

The ride starts around 630am ish. So the pick up was really early, like at 5am or earlier.

Trust me 30 mins is more than enough to go around cappa - u can see the whole valley, even the fairy chimneys up close from the top.

No use blabbing so much. Enjoy the pics.