Friday, November 1, 2013

Aktiviti membakar semangat memakan diri.....

....look at the time now....its almost 10pm. Grrr....banyak la ko kan kononnya nak bersemangat kerja keras setahun lagi sekali amik kau terus stayback sampai over 10pm.


Its a Friday okay. But if I didn't settle what I need to settle tonight....the weekend will be worse. So am trying to do as much as possible because I still have 2 econs paper and an econs test to look into and get ready for.


Anyways, gonna look forward to Teater Kompilasi Nam Ron happening at DPAC - got tixs for Sunfay matinee and gosh lama seh tak berteater - so all hyped up because firstly, Nam Ron's directing, and secondly, they have Sharifah Amani, Vanidah Imran and Aqasha in the cast.

*berhenti nanges*

On top of that there's laundry, and housekeeping and....(the list goes on...).

...memang sah memakan diri.


To everyone celebrating Diwali, have a good Happy Deepavali - kalau makan tosai free do ajak me sebab I love tosai and many other Indian food (*grin*) - and please jangan terlepas statement-statement memakan diri sempena hari perayaan ini.

Peace out, moga boleh balik soon.

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