Thursday, November 21, 2013

Balloons balloons and more balloons.... Cappadocia...where its most famous of.

The only reason I even agreed to go to Turkey was the hot air balloon ride. I have raved on it countless times. I even told my agent that the moment I completed the ride I will forever hold my peace and considered Turkey conquered. That was well before I get to know and experience how beautiful the country and the culture was.

I have yet again to say, the experience was breathtaking.

I was almost at lost for words. I don't even know where to begin, but Cappadocia is very touristy and beautiful....the hot air balloon ride renders it's very own post.


The moment I posted the first photo of Cappa and the balloons my friend and collegue actually screamed that I hacked the photos from Google. Hello hello, dah terbang 13 jam lintas benua and laaut bagai takkan nak hack gambar google je kot.

To prove them all wrong, here you go! Me at xx thousand feet.

Seriously I can't remember how high.

But it was high enough.  

Does it surprise you that I have fear of heights?

Oh yes I do. I still do. Experiencing heights didn't diminish the fact but I know somewhat believe that I can conquer heights if I wanted too. All I need is confidence, believes that I can do it and keep calm.

Yes, keep calm.

I was lucky that my travel buddy did her research and we got one of the safest tour operators for the ride - Royal Balloons. Its about 20 to 30 dollars more expensive than the average 30 mins balloon ride but they have very high safety standards so it was all really good. Single ride goes for about USD180 per head, please check with your tour operators. You can book online or get a seat when you are in Cappa. You can even arrange for them with operators in Istanbul.

The standard sunrise ride comes with breakfast, so if you want to enjoy it get them to pick you up early.

The ride starts around 630am ish. So the pick up was really early, like at 5am or earlier.

Trust me 30 mins is more than enough to go around cappa - u can see the whole valley, even the fairy chimneys up close from the top.

No use blabbing so much. Enjoy the pics.



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