Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy busy Friday

A lot is happening this weekend. I have exams. My sister is getting engaged tomorrow. And there's this last minute annual dinner thingy we all have to attend to because the company bought a table at the ICAEW annual dinner event. I am still a bit under the weather, tapi macam tak baik la pulak dapat invite then tak pergi. So pagi tadi busy cari baju that looks a bit presentable and make sure I have all my essentials with me (makeup, accessories, shoes, handbag that kind of thing) because we are going straight to the event venue after work. Dinner starts at 730pm and its black tie, so tak boleh la pergi selebet selebet je.

At this ungodly hour, I found out that I have yet to finish my reports. Seriously, how could that have happened? Because I make sure I checked and double-checked to cover all the necessary details tapi rupa-rupanya banyak la pulak hidden notes that can only be expanded in a notes view.

Syabas bette....

At first I though takpe, ini semua kacang buncis tapi what the hell la kan, rupanya benda-benda yang hidden tu lagi dasyat daripada benda yang tak hidden...hahahah...padan muka. Lalai lagi. Suka sangat baca blog tina. :P. Kan dah menggelupur kejap....

....tapi jangan risau.

Semua bisa beres.


Ni belum cerita pasal my econs paper lagi. Itu lagi sadis.


Anyways, I am crossing my fingers, hopefully things can work out by 530pm so boleh lepak-lepak minum teh dulu sebelum pergi makan free. 


Have a good weekend ahead peeps!

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