Friday, November 8, 2013

Girls Dinner Night Out @ BubbaGump Curve

Kata diet! Pentipu!


Sape kata orang diet tak boleh keluar makan?


Anyway dieting is suppose to be a change in eating habits, rather than a crash-and-burn weight loss thing, so I am still finding where my balance strike in terms of maintaining a good weight. Of course knowing me eating habits and nutrition has merely 50% weight on my weight loss contribution - my key weight loss factor will always be still exercising ; so no matter how much I cut down on food I will never lose a single pound if I don't spike up my activity bar and exercise. While eating habits can somewhat be predictable and controlled, exercising on the other hand always posed as a challenge to my current work/study commitments.


To console myself I keep on telling myself that this is all okay as long as I keep in mind the portions I am taking (keep it small) and eat slowly (one bite at a time, chew at least 5 times). So the whole day (not only dinner), I have been breaking my meals to very small portions and up my intake on fruits during lunch time so I am lighter for dinner time.

As for the rest - I planned to just enjoy the company.

I am so glad I did!

Ex schoolmate Ana and Chitah as well as Shasha joined me for dinner to what looked like a food splurge but trust me, its not.


Ho If you are scared of eating.


Tapi rugilah coz the food was good.

5 minute je budak budak ni dok civilised atas meja, 5 minutes later...

Hamik ko, berborak macam nak perang!

Wanna take a pic of the whole table eating out tapi waiter tu amik gambar asyik goyang je. Duh! Nevermind. Selfie je.

Last nite menu was....

Shrimp! What else!....

.....Grilled Lamb....

 ....Catch of the day!

....cajun chicken, and lastly...second serving of burger and mushrooms.

We had all for sharing. By second serving I only had a bit of cajun chicken and skipped mushrooms and burgers because I am so full.

Ni mesti sebab kuyah lebih dari 5 kali sekali suap!


Whatevs. I had a great time. I laughed my heart out and its warms the heart. Gotta love my friends, they are always around at times I needed it even when they don't know it.

Malam ni plan nak pj party at shasha's house to catch up on the IkalMayang short films on AstroFirst. Ye la, rumah I takde astro (sobs!, not!). So Pergi la rumah Shasha. We planned to cook spaghetti for the weekend.

Laters! U guys enjoy the weekend!

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