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Hello Ankara!

I planned to study but I am having trouble breathing.....I was contemplating on making a run to the hospital when I finally decided to calm down, take a deep breath and try the nasal spray instead. And cross my fingers that the nasal spray will work in time and I won't regret not going for an emergency run after all.

*because I just hate it when I can't breathe.


It took a while before the nasal spray work its charms. Like almost an hour. For almost a solid hour I was breathing like a fish (ye la....the type yang bila kena campak kat darat mula tercungap-cungap) but at least now I can breathe normally. But this is all tiring. Dah takde mood nak study.


Anyways, since I already got my lappy on might as well I share some pics from the Istanbul trip. Banyak nak mati gambar, I can't really choose. Pengsan.


Did I mention Ankara ain't exactly our first stop? We landed in Istanbul around close to 7pm (turk time) after almost 13 hours of flight. The initial plan was to take a bus to Ankara immediately at 10pm and the bus ride will take another plus minus 8 hours befoere it reaches the first tourist point so we opted for an alternative - a night in Istanbul, and an hour domestic flight connecting Istanbul and Ankara. Gives us girls some time to catch on our beauty sleep and rest.

Not that we can do much on the first night. We had dinner and call for an early night cap because we leave the hotel at 4am the next morning.

Anyways, we took the Pegasus airlines to Ankara and its an equivalent to our very own AirAsia. We were early, and its a good thing because they dont have assigned checked in counters. We had to wait for almost an hour before we get to check in our bags.

Had bagels for breakfast at the airport....

Oh not that...but these.....

They look lovely isn't it??

I just wish they had better coffee.

Arrived at Ankara sometime close to 9am and am I not happy!!!

 After almost 2 days of flying!!! Finally get to do something!!! There you go, me at Ankara airport.


Our first pitstop is the anatolian museum in Ankara, where they place a lot of historical findings - mostly hitite tablets. Of course, the history is of mix persian and greek - since anatolian civilisation do originate from both that civilisation - and there's damn a lot of rocks.

Zen moment at the museum's park.

At this juncture, its just too early to go crazy with a yoga pose or two, so gambar ala2 kontrol. I joined a tour group with 90% strangers on board, so day 1 is a bit much to be stamped as the crazy camho girl.

Trust me, by day 6 everyone agreed that me and my partner took too many photos and we are crazy with the camera too a point that they no longer wait for us who's more busy taking photos than listening to history.


If you are ever here be ready for a surprise the moment you walk into the main door....

Trust me, its there, in full...and its not even the David.


One cool thing about museums in Turkey is that most museum allow you to take pictures,  but keep the flash to yourself. So here's what to expect when you walk inside.....

My first attempt on a panoramic view what do you think???

Cool? Not cool? Can you spot me at the center?

I love their garden compound. The air is cooling, the breeze felt fresh because its smacked on top of a hill and everything is blue and green. And being me I love my blues and greens. I think pics are at their loveliest in blues and greens.


We were there for about an hour, then time to jump ship to the next site.

Before we left, checked out the view of the city...

Ain't that awesome??

See....very nice blues and greens.

Not far away is the next museum - actually its not so much like a museum but more like a tomb - Mustafa Kamal Attaturk museum. Apparently thats the final resting place of the father of Turk Republic and guess reminds me of Leningrad in Kremlin.

Just saying.

At the drop off point. Look how clear the sky was? Ini bukan kamera trick ok. The air was super fresh....macam la tempat kita ni polluted sangat but I liked the weather. Being in love with the sun gave me some reservations on the weather - I really dread it that it might be too cold. I hate winter. I can tolerate fall. And early fall seems just nice.

Highly recommend any of you guys who plan to visit to go in September. Maybe I can plan Greece or something about the same time.

Just saying, Not that any plans is in the pipeline.

Meet my tour agent Hafiz. Who knew we will all be together for the next 6 days? Can you believe it? He brought us 1300km across Turkey from Ankara to Izmir - I tell you the only thing I missed was the trojan horse and they all said its okay because there's only an empty horse there - we won't be missing a thing. But he was nice - he made us watch Troy on the way to Cappadocia so we won't miss out.

That's the front gate. Macam penjara pun ada tempat ni. Or a fort. At least from the outside la. But the inside looks more like a square - kinda like Washington where they have Abraham Lincoln punya statue tu cuma tengah-tengah court tu takde tasik.

That main bulding there ...the one that look exactly like where Abraham Lincoln would be in Washington tu is the tomb itself.

Trust me, Abraham Lincoln is not there and they don't replace the seat with Attaturk.


See...there's proof.

The steps looks like the steps of the METS - macam dalam gossip girl.

I put up an exact pose in black and white in insta and I love it!


Behind me was the rest of the square. The surrounding buildings housed museums with Attaturks history and belongings in display. They even have his official car, and his best friend, the  Vice President, was laid to rest at the very far opposite end.

So he can have his BFF nearby I suppose. I heard they are very tight.

Dalam makam tu pun boleh tangkap gambar.....of course takkan datang jauh jauh tak nak tangkap gambar dengan Attaturk?

We read stuff written about this chap in history books and when I am there I felt like we were all misled. From what I use to gatther, I was under the impression that the Turks must not have liked him very much. But surprise, surprise.....when I was there I felt like they actually worship that guy.

Huh! Can you believe it?

FYI, there will be soldiers at the end of the corner of the square standing guard like guards of the Buckingham Palace in London. They won't move, just flinch from time to time and then every 45 minutes they will be doing a routine (macam kawad) at the centre of the court to indicate the change of guards.

Wanted to share a video on the guard change routine but hell susah betul nak upload asyik error je. If interested go look it up in my IG.

To come to think of it, they are kinda tall.

We spent about an hour at this place before hitting the road to Cappadocia.

Oh when you are there, don;t forget the Garden of Peace.

The Garden has statues of all the people deemed contributors to the Turkish society - scholars, politicans, soldiers etc - and they represent the tribes and a symbol of peace.

We were too tired of walking. So no pics of scholar statues.

Last shot before we had lunch and hit the road to Cappadocia.

That entry will be a hard one because there are literally thousands of beautiful photos and I just don't know where to start because they are indeead all postcard worthy lovely.

Whats more awesome is that the photos have me on it.


Stay tuned.

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