Monday, November 25, 2013

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Its 11pm and I am still at the office. I should pack up soon....I have exams to sit tomorrow morning and reports to chase so that I can make it for the weekend holidays. Yes people, I am travelling again. I just found out that my leave has already been approved so as a gesture of goodwill, I aim to finish my reports asap and make sure that everything is in order so that they won't go bonkers while I enjoy myself out there.


I am still under the weather,despite the fact that I look perfectly fine last Friday night during the ICAEW dinner. Wanted to blog about it but my I didn't have my cable with me. So no piccas. My sister's engagement was quite eventful too....I totally rock my new jovie dress t o a point that ani's future MIL keep on repeating "auntie sukaaaaa baju zu, cantik sungguh" heheheeh! Thanks auntie....I love my baju too. We so have the same taste.


So till I get my photos dl'ed to the lappy, everything else is on insta. Not that I updated every minute or hour, its just that most immediate upload goes to insta and twitter these days.

The main page today totally sums up the latest happenings this past week or two - the atilia showcase, the ICAEW dinner , ani;s engagement and the visit to TMC.

In which unfortunately have to be repeated next Friday before I fly. The CT scan results awaits - crossing my fingers hoping that its nothing severe and it can be treated with medication. I heard bad reviews from sinus surgery, so I am now 50-50 over the possibility that I may need one myself. The thing is I hate being sick the whole time and not being able to breathe just take it to another crappy level. Seriously, sangat tak kelakar bila terbangun tengah-tengah malam tercungap-cungap tak boleh bernafas.


Laters love, gonna pack and go home now.


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