Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kak Zu....Pantai kat Bali best tak???

Jawab jangan tak jawab.

Personally, I think Bali is a magical place. Okay la....I have never been to Mauritius or Hawaii and I heard those places are magical too but then we got our own piece of heaven just an hour flight away, and for that I am forever grateful. Because when others spent years planning and saving to have a 5 day holiday in Bali and take 13 hour flights just to be there - I have the luxury of buying a tix on my whim and be there in split seconds if I wanted to. So yeah, maybe Hawaii and Mauritius is magical too but Bali will always be one of my favourites - topping Krabi and Phuket.


Anyways maybe I haven't shared enough pics that explains the beauty of the place. But then come on la....I tak payah share pics pun berlambak je orang share pics cantek cantek. Tapi itu dalam folder MyPictures orang lain....this is some of the pictures in mine. Again, I think pictures don't do the place justice. I always wanted to go back.


Tak kisah la orang kata Bali to honeymoon place. Honeymooners je boleh pergi. Oh tidak. Single people like me deserve the same beauty besides the scenery there is definitely loads more to experience in Bali - like diving, hiking, don't save Bali for after the big day. My advice, if you have the means....just do it. Life's too short to miss out.

Back to the main Q.

Last time I went to Bali with my girls we did the whole touristy bit - so we hit Jimbaran (which is awesome! the cliff where they have the kecak dance is absolutely breathtaking), Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, Kuta - among others. This time round I decided that I wanted to do my own thing, so I went Dolphin watching at Lovina, hiking at Kintamani and chilled the rest of the 3 days in Seminyak. I wish I had extra time to see the big waves in Padang-Padang or learn diving at Gili islands but alas if I cramped everything the whole trip will just be too exhausting.

So that's a story for another day.

Today we share pics of my last visit.

1. Dolphin watcing in Lovina

Well Lovina beach is about 2 hour drive from Seminyak and boy the road is very windy - like jalan bukit putus tak putus putus - so brace yourself for an excruciating trip to the beach if you are somewhere from Kuta or Seminyak area. I tried to sleep the whole trip to/fro because I ni jenis ada landsick. Left Seminyak at almost 3am so ok la, manage to get some shut eye before arriving to this....

.....lovina beach. Susah ya rabbi nak tangkap gambar ni sebab its super dark.

Best to catch the sunrise tour so that you can see the sun coming up in the morning. It was amazing.....I wish I brought more than just my Iphone to take pics tapi sumpah la tak larat nak carry camera berat berat bila travel sorang sorang.

Well for dolphin watching, don't expect cruise-like yachts - semua orang akan naik perahu penambang that fits about 8 person (more or less) per trip. So kalau ada hati nak bawak tripod bagai tu tak usahla...tinggalkan aje ngan pak supir atas kereta ok.

I saw some tourist brought their mini underwater cams, which is super cool sebab you can take piccas close to the water as the boat sails away. 

As for pics of dolphins, that cheeky lil thing moves in the speed of light so unless your shutter speed is amazing, its really hard to snap pics of the lil devils. But then apa susah, ambik je la video.

I was lucky that during my visit, there are school of dolphins in a good mood, so I get to see them jump out of the water a couple of times.

I was told that not many is as lucky. Sometimes people go there and there's just none.

2. Hiked Mount Batur, Kintamani

Oh yes baby...I did it! Macam nak nanges naik bukit ni tapi I made it!


The whole thing started when I decided to cross a few things on my bucket list (yeah, I have a bucket list. no, I'm not gonna share). Dulu zaman-zaman uni I was fit and healthy boleh la naik bukit bagai....10 years later I am all pampered and lazed (ni ada kaitan dengan profession and peers - my chosen profesion and my existing peers is not really an adventurous lot) tak de la nak hike ke apa. So I decided what the heck. Just do it. Everyone said it's amazing. So why not.

Maount Batur is about 1.7k feet above sea level and the hike was not only tiring, its scary. I magine seeing the no land at all for miles and miles as you go further up and there is no way down because there's endless line of people behind you - you can either be really motivated to keep on climbing or just cry about going down because hey there's no way down just have to keep on going up up up.

So up I went. 2.5 hours later (which is average long hike for many , usually people do it for 2 hours) I am up at the first looking point, just in time for sunrise.

There's a second hike to a hill further high up but then I decided the first look up point is good enough for me. Nanti ada orang tak balik pulak kang kaki kejung atas bukit yang takde immediate evac.

We took off from the bottom in groups of 4 - I am so lucky my team members are really understanding and was with me along the way.

There you go. Breakfast is only bread and egg. If you are expecting pancakes, bring them up.

3. Tanah Lot excursion

I love Tanah Lot.

Its a very peaceful place.

Of course its a temple, but do take some time to have a picnic by Tanah Lot grounds and a mini shopping trip at it's street market....because there's no cheaper place to get trinkets than Tanah Lot.

Of course, please do a lil bit of bargaining. Bargain away, you might just get lucky especially if you go early like 11 am or something.

The last time I was there it was a bit too late almost close to sunset, I didn't realise the temple grounds are more beautiful under broad daylight. So do spend some time chilling at its grounds, definitely a nice place for photo ops with all the sun.

4. Oh Double 6 beach, Seminyak

Despite having 5 long days in Bali, there just doesn't seem much done considering I took two whole days lazing by the pool and the beach. I got lucky, I got a very nice hotel so I did a lot of R&R and seminyak area has loads of restaurants in between boutiques and what not so its truly a heaven to just chill, shop, eat and relax. I didn't even need to go to the congested Kuta area. I practically have ebverything I need here.

The beach is awesome.....

Like the headband? Its Sereni & Shental blairspiration - from one of its collection with Rozita Che Wan on the covers. *grin*. aiyo...sempat pose eh! Luckily, all the travelling and de-stressing cleared up my muka nampak clean and clear.

Of course, don't forget your sunscreens if you intend to be exposed under the sun for a long period of time. Got this babies for golfing - but since I didn't do much of it so I have plenty for the beach.


Rocking silk kaftans bought at WhatNot in Seminyak. Nice aite? Its super soft and its only about RM100 - something that we'll be charged 5 times the price at home. No matter how much I try resist buying things in Bali I suppose not shopping is never an option because I love the boutiques in Seminyak. Surprisingly they carry a lot of plus size baju'sand the designs are way different from KL, I just have to say its refreshing.

If you are a yoga enthusiast in search for good yoga tops and bottoms, do visit the Divine Goddess outlet in Seminyak - they carry everything a yogi needs at a very affordable price. I grabbed quite a few for myself. And if you have the time, do join a class....I heard its good. Met a few Malaysians there myself who's undergoing practice.

At the end of a long day....

Chill and have a latte!

So the answer to the Q?

...yes, the beaches are awesome. This is just a few, I bet there's many more.

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