Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On feeling much better and Atilia's showcase at Alexis

After 4 days of intense sleep and heavy medication I felt so much better. I think the flu is almost gone now. I don't feel massive headaches anymore but I am still off contact lenses - sebab seriously, the pain behind the eyeballs is no lame shit ok. Sakit nak mati.

Snapped a selfie lately and I think I look sickly....

Apesal la pucat sangat nih??

One good thing about being sick is the definite improvement to my skin. Besides getting fairer (in which I am divided about - I love my skin tanned. Period.), the skin tone is now more balanced and the pores seems somewhat smaller. Perhaps I should thank my intake of Vitamin C and CoQ 10 since I started flu last Wednesday. Coupled with H20 and tonnes of sleep - kabammm!!! Clear skin!

Ok, CoQ10 doesn't help the flu, its mostly for the skin. I thought since I have to down more Vit C's to hush the flu away, why not add another pill?

I am crossing my fingers hoping that the pigmentation problem will somewhat improved. Last few weeks when I met Ika she commented that I should do something about my freckles because its getting worse.*sad*. Ape kejadahnye la dah tua-tua ni dah takde jerawat tetiba nak risau pasal freckles pulak. I have been avidly putting on sunscreen since, hopefully with this added boost I can kiss pigmentation goodbye.

Being a woman is a lot of work. Phewh!!!

Anyways, before I got badly sick last weekend, I manage to catch up with a friend over dinner and coffee at Alexis Ampang, and we are in luck because Atilia has a gig the same weekend, so we stayed for the show.

My collegue did a reservation for us, so we got lucky and got a table quite close to the stage.  The crowd is not so big, so it was all pleasant till the end of the show.

That's a cutie kan??? They stamp butterflies on your hand once you pay the cover likey! Sebab butterflies are cute.

How did the show go?

Oh that woman has one very powerful voice. I knew that already, she did one of my annual dinner show once, but that time macam she sang a lot of covers, so it felt like normal jazz tunes. Last weekend she manage to sing some of her own tracks and surprise surprise, I feel like grabbing the CD's. Especially the one that has the track Old Love.

Its super nice. And romantic.I would want that song for my wedding video (if it ever happens, I mean the wedding video).

But we were told that the tracks are selling in Indonesia. Hmmm....sape nak pi Jakarta? Nak pesan boleh??

Anyways, I had a good time.

Tried to get better pics but then this is the best I can do. Ye la, we are not suppose to do any form of photography or recording.

Now, I will be looking forward for more of her shows. Put her in my culture list.


IB will be staging quite a number of interesting gigs in December - I already had a few in my like Lawak Ke Der 3 and Bahayanya Wanita - hopefully with the end year festiveness my schedule will make way for me to enjoy them.


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