Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Teater Kompilasi Nam Ron - among the best theater I have seen so far.

I can never claim myself as a theater expert/activist but then I can definitely call myself an enthusiast - my schedule at times do not permit me to entertain myself to theatrical luxury bust with more and more performing arts centers now open, we kinda have a floodgate of artistic shows these days ; more than it use to be.

I have been following tweets from Sofea Jane and Sharifah Amani for a while and was excited to found out that the same talent were going to perform last weekend - play directed by Nam Ron - so I made a few calls and purchased our tix.

The show were held at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). I figured the place is somewhat new, its not where I am accustomed to because I usually flocked Istana Budaya. But hey, that place turns out to be beautiful. The landscaping is nice for photo moments and guess what....

Can you believe it! They have floating umbrellas!!! Now  we do not need to go to Spain.


The building's architecture comprise of clean cut lines and the atmosphere reminds me of buildings in Sydney or London. And its just at my own backyard.

I struggled a bit to find the building because I never thought it'll be exactly right behind Citibank at Damansara Perdana. If you need a map, just visit DPAC's website - its quite easy to follow.

My friend and I got the matinee tix because we don't want to stay up so late on a Sunday night. The next day is a working day for me, macam malas la nak balik lewat lewat. Too bad for us, coz I later found out there are a lot of my fav artist that made an appearance that night. And the show is pretty small, sebab the hall is small comparable to Istana Budaya, jadi I felt like its pretty private.

I definitely will come to this place again.

Picked up the tix at 2pm - the box office opened 2 hours before the show for ticket collection and the door opens about 15 minutes before the show starts. There is no need to rush. There is ample time for everyone. It looks like everyone turns up to be quite laid back in their semi casual attire. 

The que...but trust me, its not as bad as it seems. Cuma show tengahari that day macam panas panas sikit kat luar tu....maybe because its gonna rain the same day and the air is a bit heaty.

Teater kompilasi tells the story of an accidental murder of a young women from 3 points of view - the dead girl, the accused murderer and the wife of the murderer. It showcased 4 very talented loical actors - Sharifah Amani (played the dead girl), Aqasha (played the accused murderer), Vanidah Imran (played the lawyer of the accused murderer) and Sofea Jane (played the wife of the accused murderer). The story line is witty and dramatic - not too heavy - and well executed, I believe the scriptwriter and the director did a great job with the story.

Of course Sharifah Amani and Sofea Jane's acting is amazing.

They received a standing ovation - well deserved for a job well done.

We stayed back a bit for the signing. My friend wanted to collect signature, so we got the program book that were sold for RM20 per pop.

 Later we head to Porcelene for early dinner. Did I tell you the place is nice?

If you drop by DPAC do try the restaurant. The price is quite affordable, serving size huge and they serve illy coffee.

I'm sold at illy coffee.

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