Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That perfect cup...

I got to say that I love my coffee. Black, white, local, abroad - my taste in coffee is just as Malaysian as it can get - varied, colorful. I know, most of the time I am seen with my Starbucks fad, but I'm not a brand junkie....I love all kinds of coffee.

Especially Illy coffee. And I have nescafe like practically every day.


And my perfect cup will be one foamed with milk, smooth and sweet.

Picture a cup so perfect with the aroma filling the air like perfume in summer air.

Back in my audit days, I take coffee like water. It certainly helps me focus with my long hours and mountains of work. But alas, its not a good thing to consume too much.

So nowadays I am down to a cup a day. Sometimes I didn't even finish the cup...I simply like having it because I enjoy the nice smell.


So are you like me?

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