Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What a weekend....

It has been a very long weekend.

Not that I did much. I was at home, in bed all weekend. In fact, it was extended till late yesterday noon because I felt a nonstop burning sensation over my right eye and my head felt like I have hit a rock once or twice. I don't expect to feel that way after a two day rest - usually flu will go off after a tremendous amount of sleep but this one hell no, its still there.

Gila degil.

Dalam banyak-banyak masa harusla sakit time busy. I bet my bosses will be unhappy about it. But seriously, there is nothing much I can do in the office when my head is spinning worst than a hangover. Dah la nak exam this weekend, if its up to me obviously I'd rather be at the peak of my health than sick with flu.

The doctor I met at the clinic yesterday was new to me. A lady doctor. Tapi mak aih garang nak mati. I went to the same clinic last week when the flu started so they already have my records. She look liked she was ready to eat me when I first started talking and only looked concerned when I complained about the headaches and the burning eye.

"You should go to a specialist. Do you want to do that? I can refer you to one".

Duh. Obviously la kan. Takkan aku nak kata "No thank you kot?". I was in pain.


I took the referral letter the lady doctor gave me and went to Tropicana Medical Center immediately. Freaked out my mom when I gave her a call to ask for her ID number. Ye lah, takkan aku nak hafal ID number semua orang kot kan. Thank God the traffic was low, so it was not long before I got to see another lady doctor. But this lady doctor is so nice, I suppose all GP's are more grumpy.

After giving my medical details (boy there's a lot, how could I be such a sickling?), the second lady doctor ordered an inhaler to clear out the mucus and later probed my nose, ears and throat with a scope.

Apparently I have a small right septum, creating sinusitis at the right side of my head. Well, simple explaination. Dah naik takut dah of the possibilities of a burning eye, ye la...who knows I might go blind. The flu made the septum swell, and since the right side is already narrow, it makes it hard for the mucus to flow - so the flu stays as is. The doctor says I'm lucky that the mucus is not infected - hooray to a lot of fluids and careful food intake over the last couple of days.

The second lady doctor gave me another set of antibiotics and scheduled another appointment for next week. I am crossing my fingers hoping that all will go well.


Irregardless, work and exams will go on as usual.

Wish me luck.

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