Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sigh....what has become of us???

Was awake the whole night folding laundry. I can't believe it would take so long.....I still have a pile of clothes to iron before I even call it done. But since its almost daylight and I need to take out the cats soon, I decided to close shop and continue another day. Surprisingly I can't bring myself to sleep, so I turn on the morning news....just for the fun of it.

On normal days I usually hate noise so early in the morning. I love my mornings peace and quiet. I use to have a housemate who use to turn on the tv early on weekdays....I remember dreading the noise every time I get ready for work. I use to get cranky, as if I miss a cup of coffee or something like that, but I usually keep to myself and just let it go on as if it never bothers me...because it was her house too.

As soon I switched to TV3 the news aired about the possible upcoming protest on the 31st. Apparently there are calls for another rally at New Year's eve at city centre and there's also indications that calls out potential violence.

Like seriously guys? On New Year's eve?

Despite whatever differences (or reasons)....New Year is a big thing everywhere. Why must we celebrate the start of a new year with pain? and violence? We should be reflecting and rejoicing the end of a good year , and perhaps the beginning of a better one. How could the year be better if we start with hate and fights?

Just because the Thai's decided they want to do so doesn't mean that we must have it here too.


With that, I have to say bye bye to my plans of hanging out with Komala on new year at KLCC. You see, she's working that day....and I thought maybe I could see her after work before I start getting all busy and selfish due to work come 2014. But with the potential uprising and risk of violence....perhaps it safer to stay at home or maybe anywhere outside the city centre area.

I hope the perhimpunan won't happen. If it does I hope that everyone stay safe - show everyone that we can sort out our differences in a safe, diplomatic and humane way. Most of all - say no to violence.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thank God the worse is over.....

Its been a week since I had my sinus septoplasty surgery and I have to say I feel so much more clogged septum, its so much easier to breathe and I can sleep soundly like nobody's business. *grin*. I always have problem with sleeping (for someone who loves to sleep...and I sleep like a lot!) - there's insomnia (oh yes, sleep lovers at times have problem to sleep), sleep apnea and occasional breating problems - where I wake up at night because I simply can not I sleep all the time and its total blackout.


Anyways, the whole gig was planned for. Found out that my sinus is in bad shape right before I took the trip to HK and apparently it was bad enough that the specialist wanted to do the surgery right away. Sigh. But I can't cancel HK, I wanted to go out so bad. And it was still a busy time at the office so I got it postponed to last week. Where TMC became my home for 4 days or so.

Got the whole room to myself so the whole family decided to camp out there till I got discharged. So all is cool.

Looking back I think I got lucky.

First of all my doctors and nurses are godsent. They're are super nice. And my family was around, so I get to get everything at my whim. Phewh. That came super handy because I got my IV tube stuck at my right wrist and its really uncomfortable to move my hand around with that thing prodding my veins.

Seriously, if given the choice choose the left side.  I was given a choice but I have no experience being hospitalised whatsoever so I didn't know better. Should have chosen the left side. It could have made a lot of things easier.

The surgery was a breeze...I passed out too long I suppose because it took some time to wake me up post surgery and I can hear the whole place all buzzy and panicky but I can't even lift a finger. Or bat my eye. The doctor came true to her words, post recovery is not so bad after all. The pain is bearable....I suppose sleeping most of the time helped. The most painful bit didn't happen till they remove the surgical goss (3 days post surgery) and the splint removal (7 days post surgery). It was insane - despite local anaesthetics the pain was intense.

Its like drowning on salt water.

I managed to stay calm. And just breathe. Though then it was difficult. But it's all done within 10 minutes and as soon as its over, I could have not felt better.


Thanks for everyone who was around to support guys are the best.

Oh Komala's Mark & Spencer Triple Choc Ice Cream work wonders.

And to sum it all, extra brownie points for another kilo lost - despite the whole eat sleep routine and excessive amount of rice, cold porridge and ice cream involved.

Oh and Merry Xmas everyone!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Last working day for the year??

This year Xmas holidays came early.


So as I wrap my last day at work, I decided to spring clean my table for the new year. Also did grocery during lunch time so that I can get accustomed to the new liquid diet that I might need to go through post surgery next week. I did all the food-bingeing yesterday. Grin. The first day of the time of the month always comes with massive sugar cravings....I am glad that is over and done with for now because it will be really depressing to go through that if I can't eat solids.

Just saying.

Anyways, found honey greek yogurt at BIG just now and I was ecstatic! I hope it taste good, because I bought a tub. I also found sugar free acai berry juice and chocolate flavoured almond milk - nice! My smoothies gonna be super awesome next week. Just gotta love BIG - they carry so many quality organic stuff its no longer a hassle to find them outside.

But they don't carry quinoa. Too bad. I still have to go on search for that. My quinoa supply remains untouched since I am in no cooking mood lateluy but I already dump some quinoa recipe in a folder for me to try. Gotta start the new year with eating clean.

I hope I get to finish downloading all my emags into my ipad - it'll make everything way easier next week. Now I can catch up with all my favourite mags since last October. Thats like 12 mags alltogether! I wish I can do this with my journal articles.....tapi macam sangat la malas nak membaca work/study related stuff when I am suppose to be resting and recuperating.

So beauty mags it is.

Nevertheless its Friday y'all! Have a good weekend and don't forget to party!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A yoga pose a day and trying to keep the doctor's away.....

I have been spending the last couple of days just trying to focus on breathing - I allocated about 5 minutes during cool down after my run and about 10 minutes before I sleep over the past 3 days - just simply lying on my back (corpse pose, of course....uber comfortable) and trying to black out my thought.

I realise its really a challenge.

For one....there's just too much chatter in my head. Like white noise I can't simply shut down. On second thought, I notice that from time to time something stress related will start popping up - like a snap at work or something - that conciously did not bug me but on second thought, I am holding on to.

Oh such resentment.

Which shows that I actually care about some thing but I bury it deep and its bugging me.

Subconciously per se.

Deep inside I wish it was as easily as the cartoon crocodile breathing I found online....

....oh yeah that exist.

Even crocs can breathe more properly than I do these days.

So I looked up my yoga books and found a pose that we all can practice to banish anger and bent up frustration....

....said to be a stress why not.

Actually the pose host a lot of other benefits - it aims to stregthen the lower back, improves indigestion and stimulates the kidneys, adrenal glands and reproductive system. Of course, the half bow above is a simpler version of the full half bow where one would usually lift both the other arm and leg or raise the chest up and held both legs back, arching the back for a full stretch.

Some practice the half bow on one knees...

....or if you have more strength and leg energy, you can do it standing too.

Anyhow easy does it. I think for home practice I can try and incorporate a few mins of half bow to counterbalance my forward bends, before I close it with lying on the back twist and back to breathing at corpse pose.

Well, how does this pose help with anger and stress?

The stretch from the pose lengthens the spine and invigorates the body by strengthening the entire body (oh this pose hits the chest, abs, quadriceps, ankle, groin (yup) and throat. The body's pressure on the abs stimulates the digestion and reproductive organ - relieving constipation and menstrual discomfort.The chest stretch opens the lungs - therefor helping with respiratory ailments. This can be invigorating when experiencing stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Step by step approach on how to do half bow pose can be found here.

Do take note on variations to the pose. I love yoga because irregardless of my body shape and type (oh I yoyo a lot), there is always a variation to the pose that allows me to practice on my own even when my size comes to be a challenge.


Like if you can't reach out, use a yoga strap. If you can't stand, try to do it sitting or on the floor. Don't do advance poses the first day you started, start small and slowly challenge the body to push the muscles deeper or stay longer, and most of all....


Now, 5 more minutes added to the mat for later.

If I can pull this through....then I'll deserve the gold class tix to the Hobbit later.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On things to be grateful for....

December is usually the time of reflection. On how things had gone so far, on things we wanna do or could have done, on places we we had been or want to be. Its a good thing though to take some time and recap on ourselves.....the fact that we are all leading very busy and stressful lives sometimes drift us away if we don't take a break and just take stock on what we have become.

Not that we take stock to live on regrets - but we should be joyous on our achievements of the past 12 months (or whenever last since we took the time to do so)....perhaps it can help give us perspective on things. Like myself for instance....

.....i have to say that 2013 is a very tiring year.

I have to admit that I cried more than once over the past 12 months over the immense stress I am having. I simply feel that I have reached a certain pont that I have taken too much and all this is just overwhelming and beyond my grasp. I was sleep-deprived, and my weight piled up like mad - its depressing. There was also a point of time when I have acne's all over my face like I was 13 again. My studies lagi la.....rasa macam nak ke laut.


Yesterday I took the time to meditate before I go to bed, and as I lay on Corpse Pose and just focus on my breathe and the beating of my heart, I realise that if I had taken some time to just slow down, things are not so bad.

Because in between my crazy schedules, I have friends and family who listens to me rambling every day. I get to take a break and travel the world. I get to sit in class and learn new things just as I always wanted to do.

And if I had planned it more could have been better managed.

So I am grateful.

And if I have taken the time to listen to myself more often, I could have been more honets and kind to myself....hence less heartache and stress.

The quote is a note to self.

Do take time to reflect. We all deserve it.

21 days to go to the end of year - have a good one peeps.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Hi Monday!

The day went on pretty slow today - simply because everyone has started to go on holidays and there's practically low traffic in the office. I took some time to hit the gym at lunch, and decided on a quick lunch on the go and voila - in less than 2 hours I manage to drive to OU, run 30 mins, shower and head back - succesfully getting a parking in less than 10 minutes.

That's amazing okay. Publika ni gila horror kalau bab cari parking after lunch hour. There are times we had to circle the whole floor like more than an hour because they're all filled up.

Just gotta love December - when everyone is generally away on holidays so traffic is low and parking is empty.


Later on found out that the boss wont be in for the rest of the day. Damn. Should have just gone on after work....I could have spent more than 30 mins running.

Takpe la - a bit of exercise is better than no exercise kan. Baby steps. 

I hope this will go on, I might need to stop all form of physical activity by next week due to the upcoming scheduled surgery. I am crossing my fingers that all will go on well and I will be recovered as soon as possible so I can focus on losing weight.

Banyak event ni next year - tak nak la become the fat one!

Hahahahh! Amboi semangat!

Anyways, the week just started. Lets hope that it'll be great till Friday.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Throwback to my sister's engagement party last month....

Bosan okay kat ofis!!!! 

I wish I can just run away. Grin. Tapi kaki kena gari. :P.  So here I am again. Ran through my pics folder and found a couple of pics to share from my sis's engagement party. Not that all is new - I have already posted some of it last month on event day itself. I was busy with submissions and work and being sick that I barely had time to blog about it, so here it goes.

I didn't do much - my mom did everything with my siblings. I supopose its a bit selfish of me, but in my defense the timing aint helping either. I have exams the very next day, and gosh I barely had time to prepare so I was quite lucky when my sister said she's gonna have it small and its okay that I do a day trip thingy instead of a fullblown weekend thingy.

Ain't I got a very nice sister. 

So I picked up shasha the very same morning and we drove back to my mom's just in time for me to do a change and do a lil bit of make-up. Tak larat la nak bersiap bagai pepagi buta dari KL - and Tampin is usually super hot so nanti takde makne la make up cair odw back and all.

I had quite a cranky morning actually - lack of sleep, fatigue and all actually buat I macam malas nak mati nak balik. Seb baik ada new CK sunnies (dah lama beli, tapi tak pernah pakai) and drive thru Starbucks kat tol sungai besi so moodyness just flew off the window.

Plus its always fun to go on a drive with Shasha. Sometimes I find it theraputic. We got to bitch about stuff along the way and by the time the drive is over we'll be good till the next bitching session.

Just gotta love my gurlfriends.


Anyways the engagement started at sometime close to 1pm. It is indeed small, the guy's entourage brought about 4 cars and we only have very close family members with us.

Shasha, my sister Fazlina (Kakak) and me - photobomb'ed by my younger brother Bang Cik.

Kakak and Bang Cik is my very close extended family. We rarely hung out but boy when we do its havoc. Totally satu kepala. Kalau suka, suka sama-sama. Kalau tak puas hati, pun satu kepala. Macam somehow we're wired that way.

Sambil semua orang sibuk berdiskusi we were cam-whoring at the back.

Memang dasar tak tau malu.


That's baby and her boy , Adam, with Bang Chik (again).

So lucky that the whole ordeal is a brief one, we were done in an hour or so and had lunch. More photos.....

The wedding itself will be in August.

With Kom's wedding in May and my sister's in August - I will be quite grounded till year end.

Sigh. Gotta cut down on holidays.


Despite all I'm psyched to welcome Faiz to the family. Our families had been very close all these years, to be tied with famial ties will make us even way closer. Now we can do family karoke and holidays more often!


Laters peeps!

Working weekend

The view from my 13th floor discussion room.

Hooray to hidup yang takde life. Okay. That sounds a bit off. I am still a bit under the weather, there are times when I felt that my eyeballs are on fire and I wish I have all day to myself sleeping at home but no, I can't be at home sleeping, I need to be here yet again staring mindlessly at my lappy and workout a mojo or two.


7 days to a long break. Just hang in there for a bit.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

HK City on foot in 8 hours? Doable? No?

*This is gonna be a very long entry. But trust me, there'll be tonnes of photos. I promise.*

I regard my last rendesvouz to HK a short one, and its not at all touristy because I get to chill and hang out with friends (like! no wonder wen chu is all hype and happening ever since she's in HK, its so evident now!, the peeps she mingle with are such a hun and happy lot!). I arrived around 8ish pm on Friday and we did a stop at Lan Kwai Fong the first night - the place is a KL equivalent of Changkat where they have rows of pubs and clubs and of course, being a Friday night, the place was super packed.

We were there simply because I want to grab a few HRC shirts - since last year I made a point to drop by HRC's whenever I was travelling out of town to grab a shirt. This year I added startbucks city mug collecting to the ritual. So wen chu made me go to Lan Kwai Fong immediately the first night just in case we got too tired travelling over the weekend we might just missed it.

Baik kan!!!

Okay nereves la tu sampai gambar gegar.


But this is not the whole point of this post!


I have a whole day to myself on Monday since wen chu obviously need to work la kan and takkan la tetiba dia nak ambik cuti for me. So I did one whole day of sightseeing and guess can tour the city in 8 hours!!! And I covered quite a lot of grounds too. But obviously due to time limitation then if you want to spend more time at one place (ie shopping and stuff, you know la kan sometimes macam super tempted la kan) then obviously lesser time will be spent doing something else (like going on the cable car for instance, just to see the huge buddha from uphill) so choose what you wanna do wisely.


I try not to do a marathon. Tak kuasa la nak sakit badan bagai just to go and see everything. Insya-allah, whatever I miss tu nanti nanti ada rezeki tu kita catch up la later on. Because unless the whole island sinks tomorrow there is always another day kan?

But hey please do not sink. I do wanna come back. Shopping heaven that place!

Wen chu's place is smacked in the middle of Wan Chai - at Johnston St to be exact - and its very much accessible via the MRT and tram lines. The public transportation is so convenient, I fell in love with the Octopus card the moment I was introduced to it! If you plan to go around HK for abit (not only there for Disney that kind of thing) do get a card, it works the same way like a TouchNGo and the rates are better on the card than single entry passes. I spend HKD300 on transportation the whole trip , thats more or less RM120++ and I think its super worth it because it gives me return trip to/from airport (single trip from town to airport is HKD100), and covered all my trams and MRT rides while I was in HK. 

Now....back to our 8 hours on foot story.

Before we start we need food kan? Wen chu was always raving about a restaurant at the ground floor of her apartment called Passions and her friends do recommended it for a good choice for breakfast. So my 8 hours started with coffee at Passions.

 Oh tempting!!!

They have a salad and sandwich bar too, just in case you want something heavier.

But selalunya awal pagi boleh je breakfast something light, so I had my fav chocolate croissant and illy coffee. Heaven! Last time jumpa illy coffee sedap macam ni was in phnom penh last year. It is truly a lux.

30 mins in the cafe enjoying my coffee and minding my own business till I gather everything and hit the streets of Wan Chai. Wan Chai itself has an electronics centre (which is located behind Wan Chai MRT station) and a couple of rows of flea markets that spots local goods (across the Wan Chai mrt station) ; good enough for light sightseeing and shopping.

I spent half a day shopping at the electronics center in search of a fitness band the day before - okay I know I don't really need it need it, tapi its so cool to have one - and memang masa mula-mula masuk the LowYat- like mall tu I plan to "sumpah tak nak beli benda lain!" but omg banyak betul gadgets murah - camera lens, camera, laptop stuff, iphone covers - gigil kejap ok. Gaduh punya gaduh (ho yeah, it was a battle okay) I end up with a fitbit flex sebab I save 50% from what I originally budgetted and spent the leftovers on an 8 inch digital photo frame and a wireless beat2go (which is awesome! The noise cancellation is off the roof. Kalau ada extra money could have gotten the jaybird, tapi satu jaybird sampai RM400, sangat melanggar etika mesti jimat and beli barang murah). The beat2go on the other hand only cost me about RM160. Total for all three gadgets is RM400++. Ok, I happy.

Next time can bring extra for my camera lens!

If you don't want to take the mrt and want to catch some sight, you can go ahead and take a tram to central and get down at malls like the ifc. Ifc carry a lot of designer brands, its like a magnified version of our very own Pavillion.

But before I board the train I decided I should check out the flea market first. If you plan to go there you won't miss the flea market, its right across the MRT station and just follow on from the corner where they have a bonjour outlet.

Bonjour is a competitor to Sasa, and they have the exact same stuff there.

Flea market tu tak besar pun, 20 mins top can finish the whole place. I manage to find a nice shop there that sells nice accessories and grabbed a few stuff there before I moved on.

The Wan Chai MRT station is just two stops away from Central. Oh and if you're a fan of kaya balls and waffles, there's a street side shop behind the station that sells them which are pretty nice.

I swiched trains at Central to get on the Tsuen Wan line - through that line I can head to Tsim Tsa Tsui (TST) and Mongkok to visit the Avenue of Stars and go for the Ladies Market.

The hongkies had made public transportation very tourist friendly with markers and signboards all over the station - they have very useful maps and all exits are marked with key landmarks and attractions - so finding a place is easy breezy.

So every time after I exit a station - I selalunya go straight to boards like this!

I found TST like the upper east side manhattan, with big buildings and a landscape to boot. They have the Avenue of Stars there as well as the K clock tower, and if you want to shop - one of the most amazing Sogo ever.

Sumpah Sogo dia tak sama macam kat KL.

The Avenue of Stars is about a 15 min walk from the MRT and if you are up for it, you can take a 2 min boat ride at the pier. Along the way you can find the cultural centre as well as the science centre, which is just next to the walkway of the avenue.

I was lucky that the sun was shining bright that day and the weather only slightly chilled. So jalan-jalan macam best, tak sejuk sangat, tak panas sangat.

Unless you wanna shop there's nothing much to do. So snapped some pics and head back to the station by using the walkway at the avenue. Within the next 30 minutes I left TST station to head to Mongkok.

Mongkok has a few attractions - if you are a flea market bug then this place is heaven because along the same line there's 3 major flea markers - Flower Market, Jade Market and Ladies Market. Di sinilah heaven segala benda - like an enlarged Petaling Street of sorts. I suppose if we wanna go to all the markets in Mongkok it would take more time than my allocated 1 hour stop I initially planned, and I don't think I want to buy jade anyway so I went straight to Ladies market, which is located across Mongkok exit.

When I reached there it was about 11ish am, which was still early by HK standards because most of the shops open by 12pm - so if you plan to go there you can push it slightly to late afternoons then you can find more shops open.

Tapi sampai awal pun okay.....boleh bargain early bird discounts!

I spent a full hour there simply because I found cheap bling iphone covers.

Well, how cheap is cheap you say??

I manage to get 3 blinged out iphone covers for RM80 total. Okla kan - satu jatuh about RM25++ when the same thing is sold for like RM300 in KL.

Serious tak tipu, I was eyeing the same cover at one of the shops in Publika like for ages kot. If you want the normal ones (yang bukan bling) tu you can get them between RM5 to RM10 each.

This happy bunny also walked out with a skull arm candy pun got at rockbottom price. Oh tak sabar nak pakai!!!! Tunjuk kat Komala!!! She'll die of envy!

By 12pm I head back on foot to the MRT station and took the train to Tung Chung for the Citygate Outlet mall.

The Tung Chung Station is actually a bit far off from the city centre - a direct train ride from Central is almost 30 mins in length - tapi I was already half way to it from Mongkok. I need to switch trains though at Lai King. But to those yang memang stay kat HK Disney its super near - its like only one stop from the Disney stop kat Sunny Bay.

At Tung Chung you basically have 2 options - option 1 is to go for the Ngong Ping cable car ride, and option 2 is to skip the ride alltogether and go bonkers at Citygate.

If you want to go for the cable car you will have to take exit B and then on take about a 10 min bus ride using bus no 23 to reach the foothill of the cable car. If you have time then I am all out for it - you get to catch the big buddha overlooking the island and at this weather it would have been surreal.


I am more of a deal I opted for exit C.

Shame on me!!!

Hahahahah! Whatevs.

Outlet ni heaven okay. Everything is easy 30% off from retail price and with the sale up, some even give 
50% to 70% off.

Okay gila sekejap. But then kena beringat that I have a budget. Sobs.

The first level (immediately upon exit from MRT) has all the sporting goods store so you can see adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma and the like first thing you enter the place. Fila tak gila Adidas adizero training shoes selling at RM200 per piece - kat KL baru ni I notice ada la dekat RM500 easy. Apa ni.....macam mana boleh murah kat sini ni???

Tak puas hati.

Tapi..... I don't need training shoes. Mine is working just fine.


Jalan depan sikit sangkut kat Swatch kejap and found a Swatch watch in hot pink! Hmmmm....contemplate contemplate. Its been dog ages since I pakai swatch okay, but this one looks so sporty I can totally don it on my beach trips.

Banyak la alasan ko Zuraida.


Anyways, there's 3 floors at the outlet. You get all the branded stuff at 3rd floor, the likes of Coach, Bally, Armani - all at outlet prices.

Dah murah macam ni malas pulak nak shopping.

Duhh. Hilang mood konon.


They also have crocs outlet there. *crazy*.

Anyways - after all the window shopping I so do not have time for the cable car - sebab jalan punya jalan dah 3pm. I still need to catch lunch and pack my stuff - I need to head to the airport by 6pm to make it for my 8pm flight.

At the end I bought the hot pink Swatch watch. Nak jugak. Memang perempuan.

Took the train again from Tung Chung to Wan Chai and by the time I arrive to Wan Chai at 3.45pm I was super hungry. Walked down the block to a vegetarian shop called Life that sells the most amazing quinoa salad and vege samosa I have ever had.

I ni skeptic sikit bila orang suruh makan vegetarian ni but then the salad here is to die for. I totally boleh makan this thing everyday.

Oh semangat sungguh.

The price is a bit hefty though. Small box of the salad (choice of 3 salad) and a samosa is about HKD85 (thats around RM35) but the portion is good for sharing of two. So if you are there, go and try! At least try the samosa. I even brought one home and gave it to my sister and dia pun kata ia sangat sedap.

Done with eating my late lunch at 415pm.

So that's almost 7 hours before I am back to the apartments door and see la the loot!

Tak banyak kan???

Oh yeah sebab kata on budget.

But to come to think of it, in 7 hours I got a bunch of accessories (necklace, bangles and hair clips), 3 bling bling iphone covers, 1 skull candy hand pouch, 1 swatch watch in hot pink kilo of dry quinoa!


Thats my 8 hour around HK session - what about you?