Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A yoga pose a day and trying to keep the doctor's away.....

I have been spending the last couple of days just trying to focus on breathing - I allocated about 5 minutes during cool down after my run and about 10 minutes before I sleep over the past 3 days - just simply lying on my back (corpse pose, of course....uber comfortable) and trying to black out my thought.

I realise its really a challenge.

For one....there's just too much chatter in my head. Like white noise I can't simply shut down. On second thought, I notice that from time to time something stress related will start popping up - like a snap at work or something - that conciously did not bug me but on second thought, I am holding on to.

Oh such resentment.

Which shows that I actually care about some thing but I bury it deep and its bugging me.

Subconciously per se.

Deep inside I wish it was as easily as the cartoon crocodile breathing I found online....

....oh yeah that exist.

Even crocs can breathe more properly than I do these days.

So I looked up my yoga books and found a pose that we all can practice to banish anger and bent up frustration....

....said to be a stress why not.

Actually the pose host a lot of other benefits - it aims to stregthen the lower back, improves indigestion and stimulates the kidneys, adrenal glands and reproductive system. Of course, the half bow above is a simpler version of the full half bow where one would usually lift both the other arm and leg or raise the chest up and held both legs back, arching the back for a full stretch.

Some practice the half bow on one knees...

....or if you have more strength and leg energy, you can do it standing too.

Anyhow easy does it. I think for home practice I can try and incorporate a few mins of half bow to counterbalance my forward bends, before I close it with lying on the back twist and back to breathing at corpse pose.

Well, how does this pose help with anger and stress?

The stretch from the pose lengthens the spine and invigorates the body by strengthening the entire body (oh this pose hits the chest, abs, quadriceps, ankle, groin (yup) and throat. The body's pressure on the abs stimulates the digestion and reproductive organ - relieving constipation and menstrual discomfort.The chest stretch opens the lungs - therefor helping with respiratory ailments. This can be invigorating when experiencing stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Step by step approach on how to do half bow pose can be found here.

Do take note on variations to the pose. I love yoga because irregardless of my body shape and type (oh I yoyo a lot), there is always a variation to the pose that allows me to practice on my own even when my size comes to be a challenge.


Like if you can't reach out, use a yoga strap. If you can't stand, try to do it sitting or on the floor. Don't do advance poses the first day you started, start small and slowly challenge the body to push the muscles deeper or stay longer, and most of all....


Now, 5 more minutes added to the mat for later.

If I can pull this through....then I'll deserve the gold class tix to the Hobbit later.


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