Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hong Kong was superb!!! Why have I ever thought of going there before??

Took the flight to HK last Friday and gosh did I have fun - my feet were all sore as I touch down in KL early this morning. The weekend was such a blast - wen chu and I had fun at Disney and on top of that, we spend the late evenings hanging out with Wen Chu's friends around town - I laughed so much in the span of 4 days I didn't quite remember when was last I had ever felt the same way.

I miss my girls. Our schedules were a bit busy this year with Komala getting married and my weekends sitting for classes - I didn't really get the chance to just go out and have fun like we use to do. 

We went all crazy at Disney and tried all the stuffy mufflers and headbands - this particularly is my favorite pic of us.....

More pics to come. Sigh....pics from Istanbul pun tak abis lagi. But I better go get my work done .

3 more days to the next weekend! Have a good week ahead!

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