Friday, December 13, 2013

Last working day for the year??

This year Xmas holidays came early.


So as I wrap my last day at work, I decided to spring clean my table for the new year. Also did grocery during lunch time so that I can get accustomed to the new liquid diet that I might need to go through post surgery next week. I did all the food-bingeing yesterday. Grin. The first day of the time of the month always comes with massive sugar cravings....I am glad that is over and done with for now because it will be really depressing to go through that if I can't eat solids.

Just saying.

Anyways, found honey greek yogurt at BIG just now and I was ecstatic! I hope it taste good, because I bought a tub. I also found sugar free acai berry juice and chocolate flavoured almond milk - nice! My smoothies gonna be super awesome next week. Just gotta love BIG - they carry so many quality organic stuff its no longer a hassle to find them outside.

But they don't carry quinoa. Too bad. I still have to go on search for that. My quinoa supply remains untouched since I am in no cooking mood lateluy but I already dump some quinoa recipe in a folder for me to try. Gotta start the new year with eating clean.

I hope I get to finish downloading all my emags into my ipad - it'll make everything way easier next week. Now I can catch up with all my favourite mags since last October. Thats like 12 mags alltogether! I wish I can do this with my journal articles.....tapi macam sangat la malas nak membaca work/study related stuff when I am suppose to be resting and recuperating.

So beauty mags it is.

Nevertheless its Friday y'all! Have a good weekend and don't forget to party!



dieya said...

Long hols i see? Where to babe? Enjoy!

Zuraida said...

hey...saw ur at miami???

super cool.

nah.tak pergi mana. had surgery last week so i'm resting till year end. u on the other hand enjoy your hols okay!