Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Hi Monday!

The day went on pretty slow today - simply because everyone has started to go on holidays and there's practically low traffic in the office. I took some time to hit the gym at lunch, and decided on a quick lunch on the go and voila - in less than 2 hours I manage to drive to OU, run 30 mins, shower and head back - succesfully getting a parking in less than 10 minutes.

That's amazing okay. Publika ni gila horror kalau bab cari parking after lunch hour. There are times we had to circle the whole floor like more than an hour because they're all filled up.

Just gotta love December - when everyone is generally away on holidays so traffic is low and parking is empty.


Later on found out that the boss wont be in for the rest of the day. Damn. Should have just gone on after work....I could have spent more than 30 mins running.

Takpe la - a bit of exercise is better than no exercise kan. Baby steps. 

I hope this will go on, I might need to stop all form of physical activity by next week due to the upcoming scheduled surgery. I am crossing my fingers that all will go on well and I will be recovered as soon as possible so I can focus on losing weight.

Banyak event ni next year - tak nak la become the fat one!

Hahahahh! Amboi semangat!

Anyways, the week just started. Lets hope that it'll be great till Friday.


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