Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On things to be grateful for....

December is usually the time of reflection. On how things had gone so far, on things we wanna do or could have done, on places we we had been or want to be. Its a good thing though to take some time and recap on ourselves.....the fact that we are all leading very busy and stressful lives sometimes drift us away if we don't take a break and just take stock on what we have become.

Not that we take stock to live on regrets - but we should be joyous on our achievements of the past 12 months (or whenever last since we took the time to do so)....perhaps it can help give us perspective on things. Like myself for instance....

.....i have to say that 2013 is a very tiring year.

I have to admit that I cried more than once over the past 12 months over the immense stress I am having. I simply feel that I have reached a certain pont that I have taken too much and all this is just overwhelming and beyond my grasp. I was sleep-deprived, and my weight piled up like mad - its depressing. There was also a point of time when I have acne's all over my face like I was 13 again. My studies lagi la.....rasa macam nak ke laut.


Yesterday I took the time to meditate before I go to bed, and as I lay on Corpse Pose and just focus on my breathe and the beating of my heart, I realise that if I had taken some time to just slow down, things are not so bad.

Because in between my crazy schedules, I have friends and family who listens to me rambling every day. I get to take a break and travel the world. I get to sit in class and learn new things just as I always wanted to do.

And if I had planned it more wisely.....it could have been better managed.

So I am grateful.

And if I have taken the time to listen to myself more often, I could have been more honets and kind to myself....hence less heartache and stress.

The quote is a note to self.

Do take time to reflect. We all deserve it.

21 days to go to the end of year - have a good one peeps.


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