Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sigh....what has become of us???

Was awake the whole night folding laundry. I can't believe it would take so long.....I still have a pile of clothes to iron before I even call it done. But since its almost daylight and I need to take out the cats soon, I decided to close shop and continue another day. Surprisingly I can't bring myself to sleep, so I turn on the morning news....just for the fun of it.

On normal days I usually hate noise so early in the morning. I love my mornings peace and quiet. I use to have a housemate who use to turn on the tv early on weekdays....I remember dreading the noise every time I get ready for work. I use to get cranky, as if I miss a cup of coffee or something like that, but I usually keep to myself and just let it go on as if it never bothers me...because it was her house too.

As soon I switched to TV3 the news aired about the possible upcoming protest on the 31st. Apparently there are calls for another rally at New Year's eve at city centre and there's also indications that calls out potential violence.

Like seriously guys? On New Year's eve?

Despite whatever differences (or reasons)....New Year is a big thing everywhere. Why must we celebrate the start of a new year with pain? and violence? We should be reflecting and rejoicing the end of a good year , and perhaps the beginning of a better one. How could the year be better if we start with hate and fights?

Just because the Thai's decided they want to do so doesn't mean that we must have it here too.


With that, I have to say bye bye to my plans of hanging out with Komala on new year at KLCC. You see, she's working that day....and I thought maybe I could see her after work before I start getting all busy and selfish due to work come 2014. But with the potential uprising and risk of violence....perhaps it safer to stay at home or maybe anywhere outside the city centre area.

I hope the perhimpunan won't happen. If it does I hope that everyone stay safe - show everyone that we can sort out our differences in a safe, diplomatic and humane way. Most of all - say no to violence.

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