Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thank God the worse is over.....

Its been a week since I had my sinus septoplasty surgery and I have to say I feel so much better.....no more clogged septum, its so much easier to breathe and I can sleep soundly like nobody's business. *grin*. I always have problem with sleeping (for someone who loves to sleep...and I sleep like a lot!) - there's insomnia (oh yes, sleep lovers at times have problem to sleep), sleep apnea and occasional breating problems - where I wake up at night because I simply can not breathe....now I sleep all the time and its total blackout.


Anyways, the whole gig was planned for. Found out that my sinus is in bad shape right before I took the trip to HK and apparently it was bad enough that the specialist wanted to do the surgery right away. Sigh. But I can't cancel HK, I wanted to go out so bad. And it was still a busy time at the office so I got it postponed to last week. Where TMC became my home for 4 days or so.

Got the whole room to myself so the whole family decided to camp out there till I got discharged. So all is cool.

Looking back I think I got lucky.

First of all my doctors and nurses are godsent. They're are super nice. And my family was around, so I get to get everything at my whim. Phewh. That came super handy because I got my IV tube stuck at my right wrist and its really uncomfortable to move my hand around with that thing prodding my veins.

Seriously, if given the choice choose the left side.  I was given a choice but I have no experience being hospitalised whatsoever so I didn't know better. Should have chosen the left side. It could have made a lot of things easier.

The surgery was a breeze...I passed out too long I suppose because it took some time to wake me up post surgery and I can hear the whole place all buzzy and panicky but I can't even lift a finger. Or bat my eye. The doctor came true to her words, post recovery is not so bad after all. The pain is bearable....I suppose sleeping most of the time helped. The most painful bit didn't happen till they remove the surgical goss (3 days post surgery) and the splint removal (7 days post surgery). It was insane - despite local anaesthetics the pain was intense.

Its like drowning on salt water.

I managed to stay calm. And just breathe. Though then it was difficult. But it's all done within 10 minutes and as soon as its over, I could have not felt better.


Thanks for everyone who was around to support me...you guys are the best.

Oh Komala's Mark & Spencer Triple Choc Ice Cream work wonders.

And to sum it all, extra brownie points for another kilo lost - despite the whole eat sleep routine and excessive amount of rice, cold porridge and ice cream involved.

Oh and Merry Xmas everyone!

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