Sunday, December 8, 2013

Throwback to my sister's engagement party last month....

Bosan okay kat ofis!!!! 

I wish I can just run away. Grin. Tapi kaki kena gari. :P.  So here I am again. Ran through my pics folder and found a couple of pics to share from my sis's engagement party. Not that all is new - I have already posted some of it last month on event day itself. I was busy with submissions and work and being sick that I barely had time to blog about it, so here it goes.

I didn't do much - my mom did everything with my siblings. I supopose its a bit selfish of me, but in my defense the timing aint helping either. I have exams the very next day, and gosh I barely had time to prepare so I was quite lucky when my sister said she's gonna have it small and its okay that I do a day trip thingy instead of a fullblown weekend thingy.

Ain't I got a very nice sister. 

So I picked up shasha the very same morning and we drove back to my mom's just in time for me to do a change and do a lil bit of make-up. Tak larat la nak bersiap bagai pepagi buta dari KL - and Tampin is usually super hot so nanti takde makne la make up cair odw back and all.

I had quite a cranky morning actually - lack of sleep, fatigue and all actually buat I macam malas nak mati nak balik. Seb baik ada new CK sunnies (dah lama beli, tapi tak pernah pakai) and drive thru Starbucks kat tol sungai besi so moodyness just flew off the window.

Plus its always fun to go on a drive with Shasha. Sometimes I find it theraputic. We got to bitch about stuff along the way and by the time the drive is over we'll be good till the next bitching session.

Just gotta love my gurlfriends.


Anyways the engagement started at sometime close to 1pm. It is indeed small, the guy's entourage brought about 4 cars and we only have very close family members with us.

Shasha, my sister Fazlina (Kakak) and me - photobomb'ed by my younger brother Bang Cik.

Kakak and Bang Cik is my very close extended family. We rarely hung out but boy when we do its havoc. Totally satu kepala. Kalau suka, suka sama-sama. Kalau tak puas hati, pun satu kepala. Macam somehow we're wired that way.

Sambil semua orang sibuk berdiskusi we were cam-whoring at the back.

Memang dasar tak tau malu.


That's baby and her boy , Adam, with Bang Chik (again).

So lucky that the whole ordeal is a brief one, we were done in an hour or so and had lunch. More photos.....

The wedding itself will be in August.

With Kom's wedding in May and my sister's in August - I will be quite grounded till year end.

Sigh. Gotta cut down on holidays.


Despite all I'm psyched to welcome Faiz to the family. Our families had been very close all these years, to be tied with famial ties will make us even way closer. Now we can do family karoke and holidays more often!


Laters peeps!

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