Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Been following blogilates (not so) dilligently since last Wednesday - so far I manage to do 2 full day workouts (last Weds and Thurs), 1 rest day workout (stretchings on Sunday) and half of the workout I'm suppose to do yesteday. My body is aching all over - its so depressing I simply sorted it out with food (ho yeah) and I think I gained a kilo. What the heck. I didn't check the scales, I did not dare. Perhaps next week la once I dah settle down with the routine and manage to get my eating habits in check again I should start weighting myself.


The workouts are super challenging. My stamina, on the other hand, is quite pitiful.....so there are times when I am suppose to do between 10 to 15 reps of a move, I ended with just about 7 to 8. No biggie. A little goes a long way. I just need to keep myself motivated and make sure I stick to it. Perhaps in time I can follow the routine to the dot.

The thing about all these workouts is that they look so simple....but then the next day you can feel your whole body on fire. Like when I did the bootiful butt challenge on Weds - my ass seems to feel burning the moment I wake up on Thursday morning, despite the fact that I stop at minute 9 and I felt good immediately after.

Yesterday was burpees day. I was suppose to do 100 burpees (in 10 different variation). I only manage to do like 5 on each variation (love the one with twisting, no 9 i i think) and though I only felt my heart race like a horse yesterday once I finish the 15 mins video - the whole body felt the aftermath because.....

I worked out basically every muscle in my body in below 15 mins.

Check it out! 50 now.....targetting 100 for later.

Today is thigh and squat day. Oh hell there must be 100 squats there somewhere. I should do my run first before I get demotivated and not run at all. Or maybe I should just do kettle bells after the run.


Sigh. Keep the faith going.

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