Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cerita last weekend membawa sebab musabab ke #ruang

My beloved, how many dreams murder reality
With the illusions of heaven.
- Usman Awang, 1971

Oh my...how wreckless could I have been? 

I initially had plans for the weekend. I wanted to stay in. I wanted to read and do some work. I wanted to clean the house.

But.... (oh yes of course there is always a huge but!)

....I felt trapped in a haze.


Ni semua salah Carrie Bradshaw. I now have a term for everything I am feeling!.


Despite the stormy feeling inside me I decided to put on my sunnies and brave the world. I dragged Ikmal along the process. Best la ek ada geng boleh angkut pi jalan-jalan whenever I have the whim to do so.

We went straight to Nirwana for nasi daun pisang after I pick him up at JayaOne. Boleh tak ada insan kat KL ni tak pernah makan nasi daun pisang kat Nirwana?

Oh rugi rugi. The nasi daun pisang there is superb. Just look at the peria goreng!!!! Tengok gambar je dah boleh drooling.

The thing about Ikmal is he's a chatter. And he's the only guy friend that I can drag for shopping trips and the theater. Susah okay nak cari guys yang layan theater, they are like a dying bread. Plus he never minds when I wanted to go to new places and stuff, rajin je dia mengikut.

We finish lunch just in time for KLCalling at Ruang, Subang. They were having a flea market last weekend, so what the heck. Lama dah kot tak pergi flea market. I usually get to find good bargains in flea markets around town. *love*

I brave the Subang roads equipped with my waze navigator. I ni kalau jalan Subang memang fail okay. Sigh. Tapi KL ok. Damansara ok.  But then it was not that difficult to get to the place. Bolehla, from Bangsar to SS18 it only took us 20 mins via NPE.

Gotta loveeee empty highways!

I have to say that there's nothing much but being a girl there is alway always something to buy! Like these cool accessories....

I bumped into my blogger friend Rinie during the event. Oh my, she looks gorgeous. Kalau aku la dah anak 3 ke 4 ke mesti dah besar tempayan. Hahahaha. Tak sempat ambil gambar coz Ikmal was next to me and macam apa la minah dua orang ni macam dah lama sangat tak jumpa ....well hellooo, memang dah lama tak jumpa pun okay! Sempat catch up a bit and since she's busy too so I moved on to the next booth.

Ikmal was persistent that I should get the bow headbands. I was like wtf??? Ko gile? Bila masanya I nak pakai bow besar besar ni??? You take me to be that eccentric?

Kalau aku 20an takpela jugak.


But I got the poofy flower headbands and the colored minibands because they cost only about RM10 per pops. So boleh la. Because I thought I wont find anything else until....

 ....I bump into this lot!


Publications from local indie writers whom I recently found joy in reading. I got all excited because I found Desaturasi Merah Jambu there....I always wanted to get a copy but then I don't know....I always end up not getting them so now I have no excuse.


I went home with 4 books - Kamar Sutera by Hamka Kereta Mayat among others- in which has became my favourite read this past few days. That book is super funny. Okla, not for the underaged la maybe because it talks about married life but then what the heck....nak baca jugak!!! Sometimes I felt a lil bit cuckoo tergelak sorang-sorang before I hit the sack at night (oh, I read 20 mins a day now before sleep, tak kisah la satu page je pun) but then at least it puts a smile on my face.


I also got this babies.....

.....major steal since it goes for only RM25.

The moment I left the flea market I felt like a million bucks!

That is only when I left the bazaar la kan. Bila balik obviously I crumble balik.


Alkisah - then tak siap la kerja yang I intend to do. Masak la kena marah nanti sebab kerja tak siap. The house is still tunggang terbalik. The laundry makin bertimbun.  In which all of a sudden, Usman Awang's poem had been magically turned to life by yours truly moi.


And so I turn to Carrie Bradshaw for light....

....at mid season 2 now. 4 more to go.


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