Friday, January 10, 2014

Dry, dry dry....

Said early hello's to the weekend since hari ni everyone is psyched about the team building in PD - practically everyone took their own sweet time. Lagi la pagi pagi ni masuk ofis terus ada breakfast free kan...horray sangat la 3 hari makan free. Grin.

Anyways since I had quite heavy breakfast, I got the whole lunch hour to myself sebab takkan nak makan berat-berat banyak kali kot kan. Sampai PD nanti makan lagi. So went to Guardian to grab some stuff and found this.... moisturisers.


Of late I always experience dryness dekat elbow and ankles....stress okay especially bila pikir-pikir I might have dry neck too. Sobs. I hate dry skin because it may lead to lines - cukup la my puffy eyes yang macam tak boleh hilang hilang ni dah.

So I am all in to trying new moisturisers and since its only about RM12 or so....sukahati je la beli sebotol.


If this thing works kan bagus. Cross fingers and lets try for a week or two. Extra 5 mins in the shower can do no harm kan?

You guys have a good weekend. The bus leaves in 10 mins so best be on the way!

Love & light!

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