Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hoih semangat sungguh....

Semangat ko new year....I woke up as early as 5am. Kata new year new me....takkan sehari dah nak give up kan? I am trying to make early morning exercise a routine...hopefully it'll turn into a habit. let's see if I can stick to it for the next 30 days. Yogi's believe that any practice done consistently for 30 days will turn permanent, so I just have to keep faith that I can do this!


Anyways the early morning workouts is suppose to serve as practice for the upcoming women's day fun run I signed up with my girls. Tak nak la mendukacitakan orang lain. Cehcehceh. nanti tak sampai 1km dah pancit buat malu least kena see it through till the end.  So gotta train to at least get my stamina up for 5km run by march. Ho yeah wish me luck. Aku ni kalau aktioviti aktiviti lasak suka je sign the end tercungap-cungap push diri sendiri last minute to see it through.


And so it happens I committed myself to follow blogilates workout videos and meal plans - of course the meal plan has to be tailored a lil bit, to follow it 100% pose a challenge to find the raw ingredients itself since I am not an avid cook myself tapi its ok.....I am taking it slow at my own pace. The most important bit it to count the calories that I consumed - in which I have my fitbit to thank for.

Oh I love that band. Its such a blessing ada strap tu. Kalau hilang rasa cam nk mati.

Over sungguh drama.

To push myself to follow the videos I signed up for the workout calendar in the blogilates app. Tak mahal...USD0.99 je sebulan. usually I print the calendar je tapi susah nak mati bawak hardcopy - plus the app links direct to the youtube videos so I have no more excuses to notclick the link and do it. And since I paid more or less RM3 for it - I better click on all of the videos everyday by the end of the month and get my money's worth.


If any of you are interested to try out her workout videos you can still get the app - the free version cuma takde the calendar - there are still links to blogilates's recipe and workout videos that are  quite user friendly. You can get the calendar online from her blog  (click here) and serach the respective youtube videos accordingly. Easy peasy. Tapi kalau malas nak print calendar and cari video - jadi macam saya - subscribe sajo so that bila nak workout boleh click je link and voila....terus boleh workout di mana-mana.

To tell you the truth her workout routine looks simple tapi mak aih perit. By the time I finish what I need to do today (whichtook me about an hour), I was so tired so I skipped running and took a nap instead. Now I have to go back to gym for my daily run after work.


Well no pain no gain.

Which brings me to the next pain - my new financial model. Sigh. Kenapa la tugasan tharian tak semudah kerja sekolah masa uni dulu....kan heaven. Dulu buat accounting paper boleh tutup mata je, belajar sambil tidur. Now bila dah kerja qada's balik all the sleeping time yang I dah utilise sampai tak tido langsung - and the next sleepless night mode starts now.

People seems to still put on high hopes on me. I shall not dissapoint. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Gtg - gotta get paid. :P

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