Friday, January 24, 2014

Morning person art thou?

How many times do you snooze your alarm clock in the morning?

Me? Countless.

I set 4 different alarms and snooze all 4 practically every 10 minutes every morning till I wake up at constantly around 8.30am. Despite all odds my brain has this auto snooze on too and that my body refuse to jumpt to any of the 4 alarms I set - the only part of my body to respond are my eyelids and my right hand.

So not yet 8.30? Snooze...still not 8.30? Snooze again.

Very very bad habit.

With my body clock all screwed up because of my unconventional sleeping schedule during my recovery last month, its very difficult to be such a sunny morning person.I still feel lethargic (most of the time) in the morning - but then bila tengah malam buta terbuntang la pulak mata kan like an owl. Being awake late at night would be an advantage during my peak working time (coming February nih....terbayang je dah stress...sobs!) but in between this couple of days yang macam busy tak busy tapi banyak benda mencelah-celah ni agak lemau jugak la pagi-pagi kat ofis.

Muka ala zombi.

I was quite lucky that I have crazy officemates that makes my morning lively.

*owh such a crazy bunch. Photo credit instacrazy suhailihadi and agolfhitter*

Have a good weekend ahead peeps!


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